Today, Vampire: The Masquarade will appear in Dying Light 2

In October of this year, Villedor masters blood -sucking madness. Relatives from Vampire: The Masquarade come to Dying Light 2 Stay Human to take part in an exclusive in -game event and destroy everyone and everyone who confronts them. Vampire: The Masquarade is part of the World of Darkness – the plot world where the gloomy supernatural fantasy is found with our modern reality. This event will be the first part of The Frightening, which includes all the events taking place in the Halloween season. It is available for free for all Dying Light 2 Stay Human players available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Starting from October 26 at 17:00 Moscow time and ending on November 2 at 13:00 Moscow time, the world Dying Light 2 Stay Human will open its doors with fanged and ferocious relatives during the Vampire event: The Masquarade. In this case, players not only more likely to cut off the limbs and apply more damage at night, but also feel the taste of blood. Banu Hakim, Bruha and Tremere’s blood, will give them temporary forces focused on battle, movement and survival. The bottles can be found during the robbery of dark hollows or abandoned stores, as well as when victory over unstable, tyrants, hives and reinforces. In addition, players will be able to achieve goals and receive vampiric awards.

Players can achieve Vampire: The Masqueate Event, performing contracts and performing tests (at least at a silver level) – or combining both both. The player who performed one of them will reach the goal of participation – he will receive three bottles of Ban Hakim, Bruch or Blood Tremer. Performing five allows them to achieve the goal, as a result of which you can get weapons and drawing Bloodbane Blade. For a personal goal, including a costume, Ban Hakim is required 11. And if all the players get together and perform 775,000 contracts and/or tests during the event, each will receive the talisman Ban Hakim for their weapons, as well as the “Climbing Hakim” paraglider with the effect of nightly radiance, suitable for children at night.