The new mod adds to Skyrim high -quality volumetric effects of fog

Modder DR Jacopo has released a new mod for Skyrim Special Edition, which adds high -quality volumetric effects of fog. This mod is essentially a remake of Volumetric Mists Fashion, published in 2019.

As Modder noted, in the original fashion there were some problems with the strings of the sky and an excessive haze in proximal regions. Azurite Mists mod corrects this using new transparent models. In addition, he returns the nearest details, while hiding the distant landscapes. In addition, he adds more fog in certain places in Skyrim, especially in the valleys and a sea of ​​ghosts.

This mod is compatible with all weather mods and packages of HD-textures.

You can download Azurite Mists for free from our site.

This is not fog but some kind of veil.Here is the fog and this is not a mod, but ENB is very gluttonous but chic !

Now you can refer, I just felt that there was not enough something important in the game

Added soap cloud soap

Yes, it is worth it to go through the scum for the third time *sarcasmikusik *

In the game settings – limit visibility, add a color filter, here you are fog. At the same time, FPS will rise. In general, there is already a native fog in it, since the game supports particles.

The couple strongly doubt that particles will help with something and is not sure how this mod and fog works as a whole. But in an improved publication there is a 3D volumetric fog but it does not work far. there should be some kind of shader fog 3D in theory.

Not sure, don’t overtake. The game supports voluminous light, voluminous rain, of course and fog, too. In the morning in the swamps is especially noticeable. Well, ENB is also advisable to turn on for better drawing.

This volumetric fog is not much fog like as in Fallaut 4 and N cannot be directly realized at a large range even using cascades. This will lead to the explosive growth of the load and the abec video memory. And the author of the ENB had some kind of concept, in KTU he wanted to realize something like a cloud smog, which probably took some kind of world coordinates and painted continuous cloudiness through the buffer of depths and world coordinates (I do not know how the HB worked). Ommospheric 3D fog is about the same – it is a relay scattering in a dense atmosphere from which the effect is voluminous from the height and additionally dispersing the water vapor is likely in height that you can sometimes see the sea and rivers above the sea.
honestly speaking at 11.eleven.2011 I thought that in Skurim there would be such a fog + 3D clouds as in a hut is not in vain he is scanty

Skyrim supports voluminous flame magical special effects including steam exhausts in Dwemer ruins. That there is some kind of fog.

I think in the screenshots it will be better to see:

Early morning is clearly visible as a fog swirl in a lowland. And because of the fog you can’t see, but that gray shadow is a dragon. One of the 25 types.

And there is a mod to be finally removed the fog? and visibility for the maximum!?
The world is flat, everything will be visible

I look at such mods and I just can’t understand – there’s nothing to do at all?

Well, I would understand if they made mods of changes in the appearance of the Persians, adding locations, quests, weapons, monsters and so on – but here are such mods, real Ida ** Izm.

The funny thing is that there are those who download such a useless mod.

Never loved fog in games. Not visible nifiga.

So this is not fog, but gray -beards smoke a hookah in the mountains

And you like sand? He also has disadvantages.

You will laugh, but no. I hate deserts in games.

I remember this Vytr from the gazebo.

You’re talking about Starfield?)

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