It seems that the Easter Easter Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty will help in disputes about the romantic relationship in The Witcher 3

Players of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty discovered a new Easter box, which contains foggy tips about the fate of Geralt and Yennifer from The Witcher 3.

Below are serious spoilers to expand Phantom Liberty, the events of the Cyberpunk anime: Edgerunners and The Witcher 3. Read with caution or turn away if you do not want the details of the plot to be disclosed.

As described in detail in the video from YouTuber Xletalis, the Easter egg can be found at the end of Phantom Liberty, if you choose a side of the birds of the bird, and not Rida. The Killing Moon mission has a moment in which you can deviate from the main path and go down the stairs to a small room forced by boxes. You can read the inscription next to one of the boxes "Last wish" – A clear reference to the works of Andrzej Sapkovsky from the series "Witcher".

The text reads: "Since we admitted to each other in love – at the very top, with which the view of the whole world opens – I immediately realized that nothing could separate us except death". Apparently, we are talking about an optional quest in The Witcher 3, as a result of which Geralt successfully twisted an affair with Jennifer.

The following is said the following: "If you read this letter, then the time has finally come. My last desire is that you take my ashes to the moon and dispel it from the highest peak, looking at the stars and thinking about me. The final inscription says – "Y" (Ye).

It is interesting not only that Geralt and Yennifer somehow got to Night City from the continent, but also that CDPR, apparently, decided to take part in the endless disputes about which of the heroines of The Witcher 3 Suitable for Geralt. Apparently, someone from the CDPR supports the Ian team.

Easter, apparently, is also a small reference to the Edgerunners anime, in which David Martinez’s last desire is Lucin "Lucy" Kushinada went to the moon and took with her a memory of him.

Despite the fact that all this is too vague to be the official canon of Witcher, this is a very piquant Easter egg, which will surely force fans of the legendary series of role -playing games to think about the events that could occur between 1272 and 2077 in the multi -seniority, connecting these two series of games. Rest in peace on the moon, Yennifer.