The authors of CITIES: SkyLines 2 claim that they will be able to fix productivity problems in the future

The Colossal Order developer revealed his plans for the after -salary support of the recently released urban planner CITIES: SkyLines 2. In his message at the official forum of the game of the community manager C_avanya, he began with the fact that problems with the performance of CITIES: SkyLines 2, "do not have deep roots at the heart of the game" And this will be possible to fix in the future.

The message proposes several options for increasing the performance of the game, including a game in 1080p mode. In the future, Colossal Order plans to release a number of small patches aimed at various parts of CITies: SkyLines 2, in which performance problems will be eliminated. Currently, the studio is working on improving a number of things, and with the help of patches hopes to eliminate stuttering in the game, optimize and balance GPU performance, as well as optimize the work of CPU.

In addition, the studio is looking for new scaling options. On the release of Cits: SkyLines 2 supplies with AMD FSR1. According to the report, the game does not include FSR2 or DLSS from NVIDIA, since new technologies require the use of Temporal Anti-Aliasing, which, apparently, is impossible in the game engine due to incompatibility of some objects with this technology.

The statement confirms the goal of the studio – to achieve the frequency of personnel in 30fps, and it is said that for this genre it is not very profitable to strive for a higher frequency of personnel. However, the report said that in the future the studio can switch to a higher frame rate, as this will contribute to the visual design of the game.

Concluding the message, the studio talks about why she released Cities: SkyLines 2, despite the fact that the game was clearly not ready for release due to a large number of problems with performance. Apparently, the studio came to the conclusion that performance problems are not a decisive factor for all players.

"For us, the number one priority is to get the players of pleasure from the game, and we saw enough reviews from the players who liked the game to postpone it unfairly", – The message says.