Tim Schafer and Double Fine celebrated the 25th anniversary of Grim Fandango and thanked the fans for their warm memories

The game Grim Fandango was released on October 30, 1998, and last Monday was 25 years old since the release of one of the best adventure games ever created by Lucasarts. And in honor of this event, Double Fine, a studio founded by Grim Fandango scriptwriter Tim Shafer, published a collection of memoirs of fans and developers, and also collected several best cosplayes and other crafts made by people based on the game.

Manny Kalaver appeared on the stage in 1998 and immediately fascinated people with his dry wit and hard determination. The land of dead teems was teeming with fiery beavers, dazzling casinos and elementals traveling on hot-rods. Grim was a bright flash in a pan of adventure games before the genre plunged into long hibernation. Nevertheless, she left a deep mark in the minds of players, and her influence is felt in games today.

Double Fine conducted a survey among fans, where one of the first questions was the question of a favorite character, and it is not difficult to guess the winner:

  1. Manny Kalaver
  2. Glottis
  3. Salvador Limoneses

Manny scored about 46% of the vote, which is not surprising, because he is magnificent. And now, probably, it’s time to mention that if you have never played Grim Fandango, then Double Fine redeemed the rights to the game and released an excellent remaster in 2015.

The anniversary post on the Double Fine website includes a fan art gallery, a gallery with cosplay and even a gallery of tattoos. Closer to the end, he becomes a little philosophical.

"It is difficult to understand how time works", – Says the Harper Jay community manager. "These are strange things. Grim Fandango has long become part of people’s lives, and it has been with them longer than without them. Nevertheless, it still seems to be a moment. 25 years – a long time for video games. He marks countless jumps in the technologies and trends of the audience, contains ups and falls of genres, triumphs, and sometimes tragic closure of studios".

"Thanks to everyone who contributed and collected these beautiful memories", – said Tim Schafer. "I will keep them next to the place where my heart was once!"