Phil Spencer: People will not start selling their PlayStation 5 consoles due to Starfield

Recently, there have been a lot of talk that Xbox lacks its own AAA-IGR to compete with Nintendo and Sony. During today’s Kinda Funny Xcast, Spencer touched this topic, as well as the share of the Microsoft console market, briefly mentioning the long -awaited Starfield.

As previously reported, Spencer commented on a rather negative reception of Redfall from Arkane, taking all the responsibility for himself. "I think that we have shown a commitment to such games as Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded to continue to create games", – The boss Xbox said. "I also know that these games cost $ 70, and I will take all the responsibility for the launch of the game, which should be excellent".

There are more interesting things from Spencer in the interview, including the leader about the share of the Xbox console market compared to Sony and Nintendo. For a rather long time, the community said that Xbox just needed excellent games to compete, but, according to Spencer, everything is not so simple.

I see comments that if you just created excellent games, then everything would have gotten around. It’s just not true that if we create excellent games, then suddenly you will see how the share of consoles will change in some dramatic way.

Before that, the head of Xbox said:

And I know that this will upset a bunch of people, but it is simply true that when you occupy the third place in the console market, and two leading players are as strong as they are strong, and in some cases they have a very, very discrete attention to the conclusion of transactions and other things that make the Xbox work for us as a team, [and] this is on us, and not on someone else.

In an interview, Spencer also briefly touched Starfield, which, despite the fact that it is probably a great game, will not be sufficient to force people to start selling their PlayStation 5 consoles.

I see there are many experts who want to return at a time when all of us had cartridges and discs, and each new generation was a clean sheet, and you could change the entire console. This is simply not the world in which we live today. There is no world in which Starfield will receive 11 out of 10 points, and people will begin to sell their PS5, this will not happen.