Sledgehammer Games wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2, but Activision told them to work on MW3

The Call of Duty series went through many different stages. It began as a historical shooter about the Second World War, allowing players to personally survive important moments of history. Then she moved to the modern era with a very successful Modern Warfare series, quickly turning from a game repeating the events that fell into the headlines of newspapers, into an exciting blockbuster about the Third World War. After the fans are tired of this, Call of Duty radically changed the situation and turned to the future. At that time, this caused a lot of controversy and criticism, since in games such as Advanced Warfare, reactive satchels were added to move faster and more vertically.

Sledgehammer Games seemed to be ready to return to this series. According to Jason Schreier, Bloomberg, Sledgehammer Games offered the leadership a new game in the universe Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is unclear whether it was a direct sequel or something else, but it is clear that work on Advanced Warfare was conducted. The new game was supposed to include a new campaign, a new multiplayer content and more zombies. Unfortunately, the project did not have time to go far, as Activison intervened and told Sledgehamer that she refuses the new game Advanced Warfare in favor of Modern Warfare 3. It is worth noting that Sledgehammer Games made a statement in which it refuted some statements contained by Bloomberg, noting that the team is proud of the game that it releases this week.

"We are proud that we are a team leading work on Modern Warfare III", – said the head of the studio Aaron Halon (Aaron Halon). "We worked hard to realize this idea that was carried over for years. Everything that is said about the opposite is simply not true – this is our game, and we are looking forward to playing it on the network with all of you".

Reportedly, Modern Warfare 3 was created in order to fill the gap in the graph of the Call of Duty releases. Activision considered that it was easier to make a direct continuation of last year’s game than trying to create something completely new by 2023. Will Sledgehammer Games make Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 after the release of Modern Warfare 3 is still unknown. Sledgehammer Games has been working on this franchise for several years, so you can hope that Activision will allow the studio to do what it seems to be the greatest passion for, but it has yet to find out.