The Russian lone developer announced Convrgence-the VR Shuther in the spirit of Stalker and Escape from Tarkov

Convrgence-a single VR shutter with survival and horror elements. Together with the faithful four -legged friend, the players will have to explore the Chernocenesky alienation zone: to collect a habar, fight with bandits and hunt for mysterious artifacts, and at night to fight off dangerous monsters.

Each new sortie in a closed area will radically differ from the previous. In the zone there are regular emissions that change the appearance of locations and the location of all objects.

The author is inspired by the shooter of Escape from Tarkov, and the “picnic on the sidelines” of the Strugatsky brothers affected the general atmosphere.

The game is in active development. The shooter will be released in early access in 2024 with the official English voice acting from the non-profit association R.G. MVO.

You can support the author by adding the game to the list of the desired Steam:

Each domestic development should make a game "In the spirit of a stalker". Otherwise, the universe will suck into a black hole

Not a developer, but a schoolboy. Not a game, but to assemble assets from 4 games in a heap, to arrange it looks like it was in a stalker and earn on a new video card that parents refuse to buy. You still need to ask the development which engine, if unity then means the shown is not a game and never will be, ordinary classic scam

And without busted glasses you can not make a game?

Buy points and they will not be pierced.

I agree, they will become vomit 🙂

My head is spinning.

At first, everyone rinses, you adapt after a week

And the fuck is they need? And even the price of the average computer? From normal games only Half Life Alix, and to be a ninja and chop fruit, glasses are not needed. Enough knife and apples from the store.

Klim Sanych, good afternoon!

Hello Dmitry Goblin

This is a game from a dude who created the VR analogue of Metro 2033, but he was accused of violation of copyright and he eventually creates this. The last game was not bad (played), at least a little and not in the format that you expect from the game in this setting. But as a game created by one person (well, it was still developed, was in early access), it was quite anything while he was walking along the plot. Then raids. I do not like raids

Let’s see what happens. Maybe the author will be more lucky with this game than with the previous.

Probably by 2059, ancient quality games in "the spirit of a stalker" It will be possible to characterize this:

I won’t be surprised if he makes a normal game before the exit of the Zhdalker and Torchka

Raspers come up with stories more interesting than large companies with the army of scriptwriters.

I would like more jokes with interactiveness))) Without them you begin to miss the BP.

Damn, what, it’s cool, it’s a pity I have no glasses

Glasses 20,000r on Avito are worth

I went to the DNS 60k)

Exactly a year ago, Ali was even cheaper. But this lasted only a few days, starting from the second day of sale..

And so yes, on average they are sold at the price of an ordinary smartphone, and they work on android

I watch this trend copy from others

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Well, everything is immediately clear here

For the sake of such games, they buy VR, I believe in a dude, I think the game will be cool, but I have not bought a helmet yet.

His past game was removed from Steam, because it was threatened by the court. She was a clone of metro 2033, but in BP

And right, you need to strangle such in the bud! They cannot come up with anything themselves, only others steal.

The hereditary thieves whose parents stole on the collective farm and in factories – I can’t understand me, because they themselves now steal music, films and games on torrents. And much more arrogant also steal developments, setting and ideas of successful developers, trying to make money on this.

There was nothing from the metro 2033, except for the scene – the Moscow metro. Neither plot nor gameplay, she was not close to the metro clone 2033.

There was nothing from the metro 2033, except for the scene – the Moscow metro. Neither plot nor gameplay, she was not close to the metro clone 2033.

Yeah of course. A bunch of gameplay chips is taken from the metro, atmospheric metro, monsters like the metro, a clock of the metro and a bunch of another. A person literally tried to copy the metro 2033 in everything.

The game was deleted at the request of the copyright holders of the metro 2033 and the developer deleted. Why so in your opinion, if there was nothing from the metro 2033?

Why? Because I have it and personally investigated. This is generally the best that I have ever seen from such projects created by one person.

Why? Because I have it and personally investigated. This is generally the best that I have ever seen from such projects created by one person.

People, there is literally the question of why you were deleted, and you answered at all on the topic. I did not say that it was a bad game.

But there was a similarity and this was noticed by the copyright holders. And the developer deleted it after handling. I asked him to return whether. He said – no.

Clone clone clone 🙂 100% brilliant game 🙂

Che for the plastic bottle of vodka there xDDD

No, thanks.

And if this is a English developer, what the hell is the name in English ?

Rebzi I let Pirun in the spirit of a stalker, let’s all sniff..

Interesting, and domestic developers will someday release this syndrome "Sorlker"? Well, the lope can be, as if interesting settings in the domestic entourage can no longer be invented. At least the atomic Hart and Troubles, like a sip of fresh air.

Another craft that will not end? how many of them have already been.

Past "Craft" The developer seemed to be very good. And then large companies appeared and constructed the game – as I understand it, the copyright holders of the metro series 2033. They did not like that their setting (metro, mutants, bandits, survival, etc.) uses "Some kind of English". The developer said in the discord that he would do a new game, which will bypass all these "Rights of possession" companies. Here, I rolled out the announcement of this game. And as I understand it, here, if there is a type of type "This is a stalker clone!" He will be able to report, they say "This is completely its own universe, and the elements are used by post -Soviet, with notes taken from the books of the Strugatsky, the same picnic on the sidelines. And all. Try to prove that the stalker has all the rights to. For what? Anomalies? Were in a picnic, albeit not like that. Mutants? Take a look any movie of a similar genre. Weapons (Soviet-English)? Yeah yeah, you say too. And in fact, everyone will understand what the author was inspired, but they will not be able to do anything)

But I’m all interested in what the copyright holders (from unfriendly countries) can do in current realities to residents of the English Federation? Suppose their court will decide that a person from the English Federation violated copyright and must pay them a conditional amount. Where it leads? The only thing that can happen is if a person wants to leave the country, he can accept Interpol and then somehow it is not particularly believed.

They can hardly do something physically, but to block the product at all controlled sites-quite, it will be quite enough to stick wrong.

Indie -tresh, and in vr. He really thinks that for the sake someone will buy glasses?))

You really think that he thinks that for this someone will buy glasses? also write that he thinks that for the sake of this someone will buy a PC.