The media called the new Mass Effect 5 teaser too arrogant and not justified

The other day, for many fans of the Mass Effect series, a real holiday happened. For the first time in a long time, the players received official news about the new part and even saw the intriguing teaser trailer for the project. When the joyful euphoria from the fresh video on Mass Effect 5 passed, many journalists, along with the players, began to express their discontent. The project is still unknown at all, up to at least the approximate date of the exit or the next presentation of the game.

The media drew attention to the annoying but simple truth: the new part of Mass Effect is as far from the release as possible, and the developers from the BioWare studio have nothing to show. For this, leaks or insiders do not need, this has become obvious to many after the publication of the recent teaser. The video contained a minimum of information and was too mysterious for such a franchise as Mass Effect.

Journalists and players are now very concerned about the transparency of the development of the game and the situation in BioWare studio, in which there are no more experienced developers and veterans standing for the creation of the cult parts of Mass Effect.

PC Gamer editors noticed that over the past four years, BioWare has shown more mysterious teasers than real signs of life. They are working on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Mass Effect 5, but there is no official information about both games that would allow users to evaluate future games from the studio.

Bioware 2023 is not the BioWare that you remember. For more than ten years have passed since Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Since then, much has changed. The founders of the company Greg Zeschuk and Ray Music have long left, like such talented specialists as David Gader, Drew Karpishin, Matt Goldman, Mack Walters, Mark Darra and others. In other words, creative leaders and screenwriters who created these favorite games have gone. More recently, Bioware fired 50 more employees, including Mary Kirby, who worked in Dragon Age since its creation, creating Varrik and Kunari. This does not mean that the company does not have veterans of the good old times, but you have a completely different group of people than the one that created the best hits of the studio.

Windowscentral editor Jez Korden, who called the advance of the new Mass Effect, also made criticism of Tizer, and such a mystery around the expected action expected to flirt with fans of fans.

We have almost no information about the following Dragon Age or Mass Effect. After the BlizzCon information campaign, which included a six -year Warcraft roadmap, this is a little annoying.