According to some first impressions, Starfield is in perfect condition

Starfield is in excellent condition, at least if you believe the first impressions that Colteastwood reported. He said the game "impeccable". In principle, in the last work of Bethesda there are no serious mistakes, at least those that could ruin the impression of the game. If so, then the time released by Microsoft to finalize the game, taking into account the transfer of the release for almost a year, was supposed to pay off.

It should be noted that Colteastwood does not speak on his own behalf, but only conveys the impressions of people from the press who have already tested the game:

Starfield is impeccable! The first impressions are already very positive, this is a completely new experience, new intellectual property, and not another sequel to the sea of ​​sequels! Xbox exclusive in three weeks.

Moreover, he also confirmed that Bethesda has already begun to distribute codes for reviews.

It is worth clarifying that COLTEASTWOOD is a famous figure in the Xbox community, so its words can be intentionally exaggerated. Nevertheless, the possibility that Starfield will be released, t.e. It will not be a classic Bethesda game full of errors, in itself is very good news, given the history of the company.

So I believed, everything will be the same in a different wrapper

Advertising before the release is such an advertisement.

It is a pity that there will be no English language, this is a huge minus

And he will be hell knowing when. Such a scope of the project is Russify oh as not fast. Or, as an option, the alpha version will be released, you will be a superficial translation, then beta and a full release, a few months after the release of the game.

Agree. I understand English, but in such a big game it will be difficult to understand everything.

The neuron will make it quickly

From Google will be in 2 days, they have already announced. Given that the translation from AI is already quite good. I will play with him right away.

This is already some kind of Rofl, under each the news on the Starfield should be comment that there is no English, they are already aching and aching for half a year, as if it were the only RPG without translation

From a dog’s sleep, Starfield is in perfect condition

I don’t see him in Steam.

If again in our region they do not sell, then I will not fundamentally buy, I download the broken version of the rest and I will play.

Fundamentally, even the broken one does not download it. Or is it not your principles, but damn it that.

You said so as if he has a limit Internet)))

Yes, in the English Steam it is not

No, well, just if a person protests from the principle, then he turns out to be a hobel, when “specially” goes and shakes the game. Spite the developers likely, yeah. To admit to myself that I want to play the conscience inaccessible to the game

Yeah, believed, well, Brazyatin)))

And who is it at all?

I almost did not play Skyrim at the start, but Fallout 3/4 were quite normal.

I downloaded the last reprint (4-like) to the game for about 10 years, the result of the 2nd missions, in the first village. Never fixed 😁 (he was from 1 edition of the game) The desired dialogue does not appear there, the reboot does not help, the methods from the forums, too, just start a new game or download conservation without a bug. Snowed.

Dialogue invented by you?) I played all publications, on different computers and never met some "Baga for 2 missions, in the first village"

Dialogue with dolphin, well -known bug, look for forums, if there is nothing to do🤡

900 hours in all reprints in total, I hear about this bug for the first time, in general, for the entire time of the game in Skyrim, the only bug of which I have encountered, this. damn okay, I honestly can’t remember a single bug)

Downloaded? From where I downloaded from Trentet?

With falls up to 20

I rewarded the ending and that I had no drawdown and there is no 720r on PS5

The point is to lie to me? To look cooler in front of the noun? lol yes for me to spend time for me on such as I was alone playing FF16

How much for some review?

10,000 dollars

These at least pay, not blackmail.

Game from Tod and in perfect condition on the release? Do not make me laugh

It is clear that first of all they are allowed to play obedient bored journalists, Logvins 12 out of 10)))

By the way, and Toha fatty touched the campaign or something? That his magnificent praises g@vn

It is unlikely that Mikes were brought to him

For F76, he was good to see then)

The upper English Internet does not exist anymore (for now), but Toha and then was just a bag of shit

Gambling was on it, he showered and gambling left the chat. And so yes corporative features

The state is ideal, only the oil eats and a lot of bugs and the fall of the FPS, and since the new

About Zelda, a new one also said that the ideal state, and what are the assessments, and in fact stuffy, and in terrible technical condition. permanent Apskaylint, and the drawdown of personnel from any body move.

However, the gameplay game is incredible

And what is incredible there? Gemplaino game is 10 years old, everything is also in the previous part. The simplest fighting, also added this dull crafting of the weapon, it is not carried out when everything breaks from a pair of blows, the most furious and not thought out in this game. I am still silent about Level Design, in many places this is the level of Oblivion, and in 2023 this should not be proud

If you can do something meme in the game, then this greatly popularizes the game. In Zeld you can put so many members.

This is all by Harris mod and scrap mechanics, a lot of years ago

These games on PC only, where do Ninentogoev come from?

This is the best game, even an online figure will be more than in BG3 and there will be sliders in the editor and not presets from 6 people

I suppose that the concept of ideal is slightly different among the community and developers.

Starfield will be without translation who needs him here.

Those who know two languages?

flag in the hands of an Englishman

I have everything haunted by the presence of Kitszen when taking up and landing. Well, how to swear such a moment?

And right not, we are not cosemic, but like RPG

This is stupid, not correctly, when at every step they mentioned attention to the details. Designer Dali, there is no take -off and landing. Some kind of under-game.

The engine may not allow.. Models will certainly try to fix it (for example, the Open Citys mod), and most likely it turns out that the katsen is not just like that..

in Oblivion, could it be done

This is not a cosmoislator where the flights are the main component, this is the game primarily the plot RPG according to the type of phalaut 4, because the cosmos are not realized here, cosmic density only in the transmission of the planetary system around the star as a separate arena with objects by corbarines with meteorites and planets are applied Just with the texture, without the opportunity to fly up to them dense to them, since the planets in this arena are only a screen and are not rendered and are not generated, then when you want a planet to some point, then there is already loading as a new arena according to the type of phalaut 4, Therefore, the surrounding is just a katszen, then you are completely available to you with your objects, since the planets are not infinity like in knowing Sky with a full procedural random generation,In the Starfield of the planet, these are areas sewn from pieces of biomes or areas with man -made creation and already placed objects of bases and so on, in general it is a phalaut 4 in space with a flight of a certain planetary system, with teleportation to other systems for loading to a new arena, So do not come up with that this is like a cosmos simulator, this is a phalaut 4 on mechanics with arenas with a planet in size, with arenas around a star with planets and other objects, it will also be loaded as in the arenas of some bunks and buildings like Falllaut 4, In order not to load the system, such a study and graphics with a completely open cosmos and objects without downloading is not possible for now, there are the same old -stizen drops of game and cannot do anything but simulation so it is very difficult to simulate such a scale and elaboration,Game primarily an analogue of the game phalaut 4 but current with his universe (not endlessly systems and planets) with space mechanics in a simplified form since it is not a simulator to do everything realistically and fully believable, this is not the main thing that is not the main thing in space , this is so for a checkmark so that it would be for lovers and in general it would be strange to space without battles in space and flights at least something, the game is much easier than everything for themselves fantasized and overtaken expectations, but in such a implementation in the compartment with plots and many other mehins everything There are no analogues in one, because the game is unique

They also talked about cyberprozor so)

Well, it’s a normal game. Maybe on the release day was funny, but now it’s just a good game if you don’t overst the expectations.

Well, all the same, it is like a GTA without a change of cars, Cyberpank planned to do not do what we see now, a rush and investors have done their job, it looks like a beautiful empty indie, no more

Well, listen, plus minus. But there is definitely no empty. Unlike GTA, a build -forming system for the style of play. There are, given the skills, implants and all kinds of trunks. Technical implementation is also more or less now. Shoot, break, damble so far. The plot is by itself the norms. Not right over the empty indie)

History with cybercoma is similar. Everything was perfect.

Will there really be something to play.

*what, what to play

We believe and hope that the perfect game!!

To whom we believe? I only believe my eyes

Hey, buy! And buy Skyrim too!

Cool picch. No, well, I have no doubt that this will be with Starfield, before the sixth scrolls release

Hear, believe and buy!

I’m happy for you.And what the immigrants will introduce.

It should be noted that COLTEASTWOD does not speak on his own behalf, *but only conveys the impressions of people from the press who have already tested the game *

This can only be said when a video with the tests of a PC version will appear.

There will be no step and homesyatins here?

There will be no step by step, there will be a gomosyatin. Otherwise, neither the game of the year, nor 10/10 will give.

As well as bad white men and good black women.

It is sad if nebberly infringed in commodity quantities will be carried away, you will have to miss this yet.

Although I am a fan of gazebo games, the gazebo and ideal state is simply not a compatible concept, in general in such large -scale games it is simply unrealistic to achieve an ideal state, so patches continue to be released for many years.

Oh or?
When it was not from the gazebos of bugs?
Finish modes in the life of their game.

Why is Goyda so much cheight for this game ?

They didn’t make the English language, it got on my own

Make a mod in a week

Unless a machine translation, normal subs will make for a long time since the text is a dohren, plus again there will be a big ENT which will also have to be translated.

So the machine translation is very good.

Machine Translation for Pivko will come to this modern machine translation better than was, for example, in the pirate version of Tes4, which came out faster than English localization.

Why did I read all this

As you know, the opinion of the press differs from the opinions of players! And we all know why.

The game of the year, only Goyda puts Dizlaik

Where are you from. Goyda is a verb, not a noun

Do not believe people from the press paid by the gazebo. Wait at least the first reviews from simple gamers!

In the sense of perfect? You just look at the planet with rings on this screenshot, it’s just horror.

And all standard bugs are also in place and work perfectly 🙂

This is not bugs, but cosmic features, be careful

It should be noted that COLTEASTWOD does not speak on his own behalf, but only conveys the impressions of people from the press who have already tested the game

And Baba Valya from the neighboring entrance says that Starfield does not even start. Make news.

Starfield will be the game of the year

So far more like the failure of the year. Skyrim + Space is a lot of amateur.

let there be jambs there. The game is huge. The same Baldurs Gate still patch and patch

perfect condition in 30fps)))

What is really there – we will find out on the day of the release, when thousands of players personally protest and ̶o̶b̶b̶s̶r̶u̶t̶ leave real reviews.

In fact, the game was made on the engine of Folych 4, and as you know, the engine is not able to make normal faces! Again, we will use plastic dolls also there is no normal detail who played the folia. And now I have a question for such a cult game, it was impossible to make the engine norms or to roll it on Enjin 5. On teasers game top and in real life. Like Folych 4

not nuy how the engine and persons are connected. If about materials, then I think DH11+ does not limit the possibility of creating all sorts of wrinkles and dynamic deformations even without tesselia. The question is how much designers will be confused with this.
If about stinging facial expressions, then there is also a matter of price and expediency. I think that they have to a large extent such an approach that AM is not pre -designed animation, for which it would be possible to tighten machine learning and animation on the go is cheaper and more progressive simply. If you do it on UE5, then it would most likely need the same approach for such a game as the engine from Morovind.

There are already built -in developments on Angen 5, unlike the Folych engine so let’s not be clever. In the knowledge of one or another, as a whole, on teasers, the wrapper is shown from the candy and in essence they feed .

It is very easier to work with animations there, I think, and you can find new specialists quickly. but global animations seemed to look relatively relevant in the video. Of course, to someone RDR2 they are far away.

Animation Carllll? Yes, what are the animations of the photographed game and filtered more than one hundred times? For those who are sitting. We will look at the release in general and we will also look at how optimized it is and how much it is bagan. After all, she was made in the shortest possible time))

Tell me more about the game, well, if you know what is really there.

"It should be noted that COLTEASTWOD does not speak on your own behalf, but only conveys the impressions. " Toda Howard.

The creator should not like his brainchild, otherwise he does not see all those shortcomings that is.

Yes, but this is only for some.

After the words after 3 weeks, an exclusive for the Hbox can not read, the dude confused the manuals that came with the suitcases

oooh, then I will play torrents))

It will be clear only when it comes out. But to be honest, according to trailers in terms of the game process of changes in comparison with Fallout 4, almost no one is visible, even the animation is the same in places 🤣

I absolutely like all games from the gazebo . I see no reason to heal the Starfield that has not yet come out . Yes, and when it comes out, I’m 100% sure that the game will be just super .

I download from the torrent with pleasure)

Aha ha ha! We are not writing our opinion, but some kind of press there. So if suddenly in an ideal state turns out to be, then this is not we lied to you, but the press

Again, they will be confused by the places of the range of the textures of the textures, as in Vanilla Folas4e with its soap and type "It looks perfect"? Lol))))

It will be a gap of the year if the Starfield will shoot. And I rummaged with vinka and therefore BG3 came out earlier.

I have not decided yet, I adhere to neutrality, I have to wait for the release. If everything is bad, then I go to the legion of haters, if more or less good, then in the composition of fans.

In any case, someone’s mothers will be buried 😌

Let’s eat better than you. Leather wandering 😈.

This is called a weather vane … where the wind will blow – I will turn there and turn

Judging by the comments, even if this is really so, one hell will there be a bunch of comments about bugs and in general watering in the game. Well, of course, this is not bg3

I don’t know how much Starfield will be an interesting game. But she has dynamic battles and in real time. View from the 1st – 3rd person. This is already better than in BG3 (if he even receives at least 100 Oscars for the plot and a hundred options for answers in dialogs). Again, this is purely subjective.

Understand. Himself is not a lover of gameplay classic RPGs

Well, everything is right, the game is purely for lovers of SRPG, as if someone had once declared the opposite, and "Not lovers" Play it. This game is in the genre of SRPG, it is not for you, just do not play or buy. When arranging wars in the comments, you only fuss at the game even more than a hype.