Compared to the Fallout series, the age rating Starfield is not so “adult”

Despite the fact that the recently opened age rating Starfield may seem "adults", Other Bethesda games such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout "Greater", If you compare their age ratings.

When you are waiting for a new game from your favorite developer, you always hope for everything that was in previous iterations, and a little more. In the series of Bethesda games, such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout, each new part provided something new, whether it is a scale, graphics, or mechanics, but there were some victims. For example, in the Elder Scrolls series, after Mordovonda, Oblivion seemed to be cut in some way in terms of a variety of weapons and a mechanic, and Skyrim became even poorer in the mechanics of dialogs, compared with Oblivion. Fallout 4, despite the fact that he gave the players the construction mechanics, provided dialogs and pumping into an even more indecent look. All this developers promised to fix with Starfield, adding depth to the dialogue system. But perhaps the game will be absent what we are all used to.

Since the time of the direct broadcast of Starfield has already been fully confirmed, we can only wait for Bethesda to tell you directly about the game during the event, but judging by the ESRB rating, which Bethesda placed her own banner on Twitter, although at the moment, on the rating website there is no commission anywhere, the adulthood of the game is not so serious compared to the same Fallout 4.

We already know that there is no sex in Starfield, thanks to the Australian rating published in the beginning of this year, therefore it is not surprising that new ratings are on the way. So, this is what the ESRB Starfield rating tells us about what to expect from a role -playing game.

  • Rating M for adults (17+)
  • Violence
  • Blood
  • Suggestative (leading, hinting) topics
  • Rough expressions
  • Using drugs

It would seem like everything is in place. But if you compare with the previous game Bethesda Fallout 4, in the ranking of which there is a lot of blood spray, gore (dissecting/decapitation) and "Intensive violence" Compared to more empty "violence" Starfield. T.e. We may lose what Fallout games are famous for.