The game designer revealed the truth about creating the most scandalous mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from Infinity Ward and Activision, published in 2009, was forever remembered by the game community only because of one task. Mission "Not a word in English" forced the players to become direct participants in the bloody attack at the airport right in Moscow, taking part in the execution of ordinary civilian. Decades later, since the release of the shooter, the main game designer Mohammad Alavi spoke about the creation of a shocking task that cannot be called easy.

In an interview for the IGN portal, Mohammad Alavi admitted that the developers from the very beginning wanted to add to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 something really "outstanding". According to him, a team of developers did not strive for too provocative content, but they tried to create the most cruel and memorable scene in the entire Call of Duty series. As noted, all events in the mission were to become the main turning point for the entire plot, showing its depths and the tragic tone of the narrative.

The author of the idea of ​​a scandalous assignment was one of the main development managers – Steve Fucu. Initially, he wanted the events of the mission to unfold in a huge shopping center, where terrorists will burst, led by Vladimir Makarov and begin to shoot people. Later, the developers decided to change the location to the airport, but the cruel essence remained the same.

According to Mohammad Alawi, in the first playful version of the mission, the developers did not want to give any instructions and goals to strengthen the shocking effect. Then the task was to quickly turn into a typical shootout with armed opponents. The authors decided to abandon this approach due to understatement and too much gameplay, so the world saw the final version "Not a word in English".

As it turned out, the development of this mission caused many contradictions within the Infinity Ward studio. Many employees already understood how much the shocking effect for players and the entire community could be a strong. Active testing of the assignment proved that many players simply strive to avoid shooting at civilians in all kinds of ways. Therefore, the team decided to add the opportunity to miss the task, and political pressure made them cut out a mission from a number of countries, including UK.