Colossal Order will stop releasing Cits SkyLines 2 patches on a weekly basis for the sake of larger updates

Patches for Cits SkyLines 2 are still going out weekly, since Colossal Order and Paradox solve technical problems and performance problems in the new simulator of urban construction. Nevertheless, Colossal Order confirms that the weekly patches are completed, and that updates and corrections for CITies SkyLines 2 will now be released with less regular intervals so that the developer has more time to develop larger and complex solutions.

The technical problems of CITIES SKYLINES 2 have existed since the launch, since the new urban planning game suffers from freezes, falling the level of detail and, as a rule, low performance. Cits SkyLines 2 mods helped to correct some subtle aspects of the gameplay, and the whole game still offers several important improvements compared to Cits Skylines 1. Nevertheless, updates of performance and corrections have still come from Colossal Order and Paradox every time. week from the date of launch – the developer confirms that they are completed.

“Over the past three weeks, we have worked very quickly on patches,” says Colossal Order. “Another of them will appear soon, but after that we will focus on larger corrections, work on which will take more time. Now the team is focused on LOD and improve the performance of the graphic processor, and although the geometric LODs are largely automated, a lot of settings and adjustments are required.

We expect an appropriate increase in performance due to these assets corrections. The workload is significant, and, unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that allows you to immediately increase performance. Instead, you need to complete several tasks before we are satisfied with this. This leads to less frequent updates, so we will not have weekly updates “.