The future has come: the mod is announced that adds the neural network of ChatGPT to Skyrim VR

Reddit user known as Art-From_The_machine announced an unusual mod for Skyrim VR, which allows you to communicate with NPC game on any topic, making game experience more lively and immersive. Modification will be based on a language model GPT-3.5, which will make dialogs for the characters of Skyrim, and the neural network XVASYNTH will be engaged in the voice of game characters.

As planned by the fan, this will make non -game characters much more realistic – they will remember the current time of the day, location, and also pay attention to the actions of the player. So, for example, the author promises that when trying to tear off a flower or search the chest, a non -wiper character will necessarily comment on this. Moreover, the fan claims that it works on the sound recognition system so that you can talk with NPC as a person, but in a demonstration video an enthusiast replaced his vote with a computer supposedly due to the complexes because of his voice. Neural network dialogue will be activated by using a spell.

Unfortunately, there were no minuses. Generation of the response c ChatGPT It can reach 15 seconds, which can negatively affect the game in the game (it was the fear of a great delay that the author explained the choice of the older version GPT, rather than GPT-4.0), but in this case he has a solution: before generating the answer, the NPC will pronounce a replica in the spirit "Let me think. ".

Users also noted that it would be nice to use a neural network for a more natural voice generation Elevenlabs, which sounds much more realistic than xvasynth.

The presence of the English language is not promised, although the language model GPT-3.5 understands this language well. It is also unknown whether Non-VR will be. The release date is also not reported.

The concept of this modification is really amazing, and, coupled with the modification on interactive hands, deep immersion is guaranteed.

It is worth noting that such modifications have already come out. So, for Mount & Blade II: Bannelord A similar modification was developed to communicate with non -game characters. Moreover, large publishers began to pay attention to neural network technologies – so, Square Enix released a remake The Portopia Serial Murder Case using a text neural network, but the result was a complete failure.