Baldur’s Gate 3 sales in early access are five times higher than Divinity: Original Sin 2

The founder of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke in a recent interview with Eurogamer, said that at the Early access stage Baldur’s Gate 3 was "much" Successful than Divinity: Original Sin 2. Wink did not voice the exact sales figures, but said that Baldur’s Gate 3 sales are about five times higher than Divinity: Original Sin 2 during early access.

She is much more successful than DOS2. They cannot be compared. I think that in early access it is five times more successful, if not more. I don’t know the numbers by heart – it sounds wild, but it’s true. But it is much, much, much more successful than DOS2 in early access. And this is normal, because now many people believe in the company, believe in the gameplay that we offer, and therefore buy the game in early access.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been available on PC in early access for almost three years, since October 2020. Although Larian has not provided any sales data since then, shortly after the game of early access, Winka said that the first sales of role -playing game were "crazy".

The full version of Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released on a PC on August 3, and on PS5 – September 6. Larian is currently also working on the version for Xbox Series X/S. Despite the fact that the studio has difficulties with the optimization of splitzkrin for the weaker hardware part of the Xbox Series S, it claims that this function is "Mandatory" for Game. Larian hopes that the version for Xbox Series X/S will be released in 2023., However, the release date has not yet been named.

You can only be happy for the Larian Studios, let them continue to make such cool RPGs.

Here, in general, something epoch -making is coming.

Wow. I haven’t been waiting for the game for a long time..for a long time))

These are the same, with zoophiles, gays and gay zoophyls?

And with necrophils and a bunch of other possibilities.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s like "a variety of RPG and humor, which means you can". Yeah.

Quite, the logic of the DND allows.

The game without denuvo is well sold, where are these rods whose pirates are to blame for low sales?

turned into cadavres or drowned on a LGBT flagship.

Now these breeds say that there is no need to go to Larian. Idiots)

But still there will be people like him.

There is a topic about Jagged Alliance 3. Also without protection and is available in gog.

They bought pirates, and went through the entire CBT along and across before the purchase, because the game costs its money.Yes, and this is the case when it is necessary to support the developer, so that they show how to make the games, it is a pity to choose 5 editions of the rules, I hope the release of pumping will be more interesting than on the TB, and there will be no skew to magic, especially among the characters without nna.

There is nothing wrong with piracy, especially if not affordable.The pirate engine of trade, as well as pirates, stood the first mods, and then the games when the prosogists filled his hand on this, the same Bit Gates initially hacked the company to get there.another question that you need to maintain the production of good games. And for JA3 I am not even ready to pay a penny, wretched and poorly.installed and deleted through two missions

Well deserved. However, I am confident today and the next posts on BG3 will come again by haters, who apparently have nothing to do more.
So, at once for all “gifted”. The first Haters of the Alfachi Zamerki who criticize Baldur’s Gate 3 for not making a Dragon Age or as a shooter and in general it is a role -playing step -by -step game (isometry), etc.D., Your such arguments are so hypocritical and selfish that you do not see besides yourself and your own kind. Fasting at finally, finally, not all games look like Dragon Age, witcher, shooters and others like them like games. Any genre of games has the right to exist and the right to its audience. The fact that this game is incomprehensible to you and its audience, because of your “misunderstanding”, this does not mean that under every fasting you need to insult people waiting for the game and criticize it for step by step.

The second that torn due to bear, homosexuality, and t.D. Understand the guys. You, neither I am nobody or another can do anything about it. Criticizing the rest of the game for the presence of the above is pointless. Moreover, you expected from the Western studio and from the authors of the Western Universe, which has long been in its universe, these “values” realizes? I will repeat my thought from the previous post. Either you need to reconcile and enjoy the game without paying attention to what can be considered “abnormal” for us, or create our own universe and make our games on it. And so if you continue to pay attention to these phenomena, then you can generalize that Western games are not for you. And this case of a case I do not insult, but you need to put the final point in this dispute.

That is, here ("In my favorite games") it is possible, but in other games and films you can’t? Double standards.

Forgot about the third. Who played in BG 1 and BG 2, and consider this game more DOS 3 than BG 3.

People where there are double standards?

And where are they? To what extent you can understand in the end. For example, I experienced a fan of Disciples II about the same feelings when Disciples Liberation came out. Which simply killed the entire universe in my opinion and even this is not Disciples.

Like, if the game is good, then okay, you can close your eyes to the agenda, and if bad, then – "What they allow themselves".

Eh faster, if only optimization would not disappoint

At the beginning of early access, the requirements were. significant. But on mediums I worked perfectly for me (on the old gland)

And under the old I mean R9 390.

I also played at first and there was a problem with optimization. The game pulled only on the minimum wings, which in turn demanded more than the Original Sin 2 on Max, although the picture itself in Baldur on the minimum worse.

Because those undercurrens varyingly advertised her recently, saying how they were afraid of BG3

Baldur hung for almost 3 years in early access, and diviniti2. And as if Faerun and Baldur are much more popular that Lariki came up with.

Eberron will be the top in general if they release, I hope they have plans for this setting.

Bought 2 years ago, such games are worth its weight in gold, trust loan is huge after the last parts of the divinity. And as it turned out the game is beautiful.

There is a big credit of trust. Plus early access. It is fair that the game can such a success before the complete exit. Good game, good sales. So it should be.

There is no confidence, the games of the Larian are always raw and for a long time. But the fact that the game will be cool is without options

That’s good. The main thing is that the newly condensed community does not create the image of an ideal game in his head and then did not complain about discrepancies with this image. Because no matter how good BG3 was, this is a genre project and it is in the genre, which was on the verge of extinction 10 years ago. Not that you need to be kapets what kind of sophisticated nature, but CRPG is definitely not for everyone, because everyone has different tastes.

I have repeatedly seen how the games grabbed great popularity before the exit ultimately reproached that they were not a simulator in the world and in all genres. And here is also the game mainly for the audience, which is at least basicly familiar with the world and the DND rules, felt the previous CRPG from Larian and approximately knows what happened in the previous parts of the BG series. This is all over, but above the designated audience, the game will obviously go many times more than people who are not familiar with all of the above.

I would not want a worthy genre that was gaining momentum again, stalled at the top point due to the too rapid tributary of the new audience.

I’ll be honest, I thought about it too . I’m waiting for the way out I would rather come out, and at the same time I am afraid that my overstated expectations will not be expected and the game will not work out as I want to see it for myself. For example, when Cyberpank came out – I did not wait for it at all, I didn’t read anything, I heard that the game from the developers of the witcher 3.And when she went out, I passed her and I liked the game, but I’m sure that if I were waiting for her right right now, I’m waiting for BG 3, I would be maximally disappointed.

I just have no fears, because this is literally what I have already seen in the Divinity OS dilogy, only with a much large budget and on the rails of the fifth edition of DND. But half of my anticipation is due to the fact that I love the genre and in the AAA industry games based on DND did not go out about 20. So I can’t measure others, especially when there is such an influx of a new audience with obviously imposed expectations.

By the way, I had the same story with Cyberpan. And now it is now at Cyberpank and comparing it with the current releases and previous CDPR releases, there is a feeling that it is so much because of a large influx of people. I do not burn out flawing advertisers, lousy management and poor technical condition, in which the cuts are also to blame, even if they pressed more than the developers of the witchcraft. But in the end, the people are not only on the advertisement, which is customary in our time not to believe, but also began to based on it to water on the whole a solid plot action with slop. And 90% of criticism not related to the technical condition on the release of this "Why is it not GTA?", "Why this is not an ultraneline RPG?", "why the game is not 1.2.3. 10?". And I always had a question for such people "You played in previous CDPR games?", They are all all excellently broken on the release and all genreov plot action, without great nonlinearity and so to speak "workers" gameplay. Cyberpunk turned out exactly the same, just like with witches, advertising promised more than they could realize, but it was here that it turned out to be a tragedy for centuries.

And if only there was no bg3.

I’m in BG3, I think that the technical component does not suffer much at the exit. And now there is a thought, I haven’t found information anywhere, if in the game 12 levels and in 1 act you can already take 5, will it not work out by the middle of the game you will be on Max, and one of the play attributes will simply end. Of course, the plot will not be bored of course, I think it doesn’t pump up, but still the joy of lvl apa is not replaced by anything))

By the way, when I recently referred to a demo (see what has changed since 2020), I promised 4 lvl somewhere in the middle of the total content. At the moment, it is implied that the player can play freely without cleaning the locations completely and killing each mob, while not losing in progression. Perhaps they will still be overlapped, but so far it is similar to correcting divinitia errors, where you either absorb 80-90% of the content, or you suffer when switching to a new location. I’m not sure that the balance between these two extremes can be found at all, but the best thing for players can do now to introduce a clear gradation of difficulty levels.

The complexity of the game there is not tied with experience, at least I have not heard. I know such an info about the difficulty. The levels of complexity only affect the level of intelligence bots and the chance of falling a normal roll in a cube. If you take the easiest difficulty, then almost in the throws will be in your favor, and the mobs will be slightly smarter than the mannequin =). Average, this is already a random cube and smart mobs. And heavy difficulty, also with the random of the cube, plus smart bots using all the tactics that are in the game.

I know that there are some streamers who gave the relentless to play, I think they will see if there is some kind of imbalance from experience.

m. Not surprising. As soon as I started playing the GOG pirate, I immediately bought early access, while there was an opportunity to buy anything at all. Hah

But not without the participation of divinity, it is stupid to deny it.

We recall SDred, who had a credit of trust from for the witcher, and not because of mythical quality before the shower of Cyberpan. So here, successful diviniti, the famous franchise of Baldurs, high -quality demo, everything is one in this way.

But the Poles did not own 80% of their own shares.

Personally, I have a credit of trust has increased after DOS2, I think so for many

Divini Divinity The very first entrance and exit from the castle, personally, after it, I immediately trusted 100%, I especially liked their dating simulator.

I have to have time to go through the first parts, I want to be in the subject, but I only scored games at the summer sale)

There is no sense, in the first parts its plot that ended at the end of 2 parts. 3 part is connected only by the name and place of action.

you are wrong, at least 2 companions will return directly from the first part. And I’m sure that there will be a heap and Easter. I think even with an overthrow in the Avernus.

Well, if for the sake of two companions, you want to go through the first two parts, well . If I am not mistaken, the complete passage of both parts of 200+ hours

Now he has a great goal. Cover the two parts of the BG until exit 3.

If a person wants to plunge so much in the ENT, then he can still bother the two parts of the Neverwinter, there will also be references to him =))

And the cost of development is what time?

Naturally. Take a brand, abuse it and release another Divinity under it . Profit

I have never played it and I’m not going.

So why write about it then ? or you are a little girl who needs attention ?