Valheim authors confirmed that Ashlands update will be released in the first half of 2024

Valheim developer Iron Gate has opened a wide opening window for the long -awaited Ashlands update.

According to the new blog developers in Steam, Ashlands update will be released "Somewhere in the first half of 2024". As usual, first it will appear in a public test branch, and then will be released for the full version of the game.

Ashlands update has been expected for a long time: the last major update of Valheim, Mistlands was released in November 2022, and subsequent updates did not reach the same scale.

As described in detail in previous developers blogs, Ashlands update will bring a new volcanic biom in Valheim, as well as other additions, for example, new enemies and new gameplay systems.

Perhaps this is still far away, but in order to somehow support you, Iron Gate released the first part of the new video series called Walk & Talk, which is similar to previous Fireside Chat developers.

The first part of the video tells about the process of developing Ashlands updating, as well as how the team as a whole works.

If you are not familiar with Valheim, then this is a game with the open world for survival and a strong theme of the Vikings.

Players must unite in groups in order to survive in harsh conditions and among hostile inhabitants to prove that they are worthy to take a place from Odin in Valgalla.

You can play Valheim alone or with other players. In the game you can build structures, create equipment and explore the procedurally generated world around you to find bosses that will help you advance forward.

Valheim first came out in 2021, and a week after launch she managed to reach a million sales. After a few weeks, the games of the game reached four million, and a little more than a month later – five million. Over time, the game also entered the Xbox Game Pass on PC and consoles, where it is available now.