SUDA51 would like to work on the continuation of Shadows of the Damned

Goiti Suda (aka Suda51) said that he would like to create a new game based on Shadows of the Damned, but without the restrictions that were imposed on it for the first time.

The original game of Shadows of the Damned was released in 2011 and, despite the fact that the Grasshopper Manoufacture trial was engaged in its development, EA acted as the publisher. The court dissatisfaction with the development of the original game is well known, since as a result of conflicts with EA, he repeatedly remade the game and violated his original vision.

Now that the company Grasshopper is working on the remister of Shadows of the Damned, VGC asked the courts in a recent interview whether he managed to return to the game some of those previously compromised ideas.

The court replied that although this would not happen, and Remaster will be based on the released version, he hopes to use these ideas at some stage in the future project.

If we made Shadows of the Damned as I originally planned, and used all the ideas that I wanted to apply in the remaster, we would, in fact, redo the whole game from zero. So this time it will be an accurate remaster of the original game, that is, it will be the game that fans received earlier, only converted and improved. I hope that in the future I will have a chance to use those ideas that I could not apply at the very beginning-I have displayed them for the future, so maybe someday we can see something closer to my original vision of the game.

Journalists asked the court if this means that in the future he would like to make a continuation of Shadows of the Damned.

Yes, I really love the characters of Garcia and Johnson, and especially Fleming. And given the fact that Remaster is coming out, and what was in Travis Strikes AGain. So far, we have not outlined anything specific, but I hope that we can use this remaster as a kind of starting point in order to more fully reveal these characters and, possibly, put them in practice. Perhaps it will be a sequel or a future game not related to the game, but I want to use these characters more freely. I would definitely like to return to them and do something with them in the future, so the idea of ​​such cooperation in the future would not be impossible.

The protagonist of Shadows of the Damned, Garcia Khotspur, is a demon hunter who has to save his girlfriend from the demon master.

Since the game was published by EA, for some time it was unclear who own the right to it. However, in an interview with VGC in 2021, the court confirmed that the rights to Shadows of the Damned belong to Grasshopper, and that the return of the game is possible (therefore, Remaster is now under development).