Genshin impact 4 patch announcement.2-Banner of Hydrochont, new locations and promotional codes from broadcasting

The Fontaine region continues to be filled with content, and the Genshin Impact 4 version.2 will bring even more content to the new region. Apparently this is the penultimate patch that expands the geography of the region, but this is far from the most important!

First of all, players will have to reveal several plot turns related to the plot of Fontaine at once. What hides hydrochont and how deep the water is?

The first new character will be the long-awaited hydrochont of Furina. Furina is a hydraulic sword with an extremely interesting gameplay tied to the use of called creatures. Elemental skill calls "guests" who attack opponents. The explosion of the elements applies a large hydraulic drone over the area and imposes a buff on the allies of BF and the resulting treatment.

Like many other hydraulicities, the effectiveness and damage of Furina’s abilities depends on HP. Well, the abilities themselves, in the mechanics of work, also continue the tendency to complicate and make a variety of gameplay.

Second "Newbie" Patcha-Charlotte photographer! Charlotte is a cryo catalyst (healthy person). The elemental skill inflicts a cryo-end over the area and puts on enemies the effect of a periodic cryo-abroad. The explosion of the elements creates an area in which a constant cryo-won is applied by opponents, and HP is restored by the allies.

In the first half of the patch, the characters of the first half will be hydrochont Furina and Bai Zhu! The company will be compiled by Charlotte (new character), Bay Dow and College. In the second half, you can unscrew Ayato and Sayno. It will be possible to finish the contest Cooks Sinobu, Xiang Lin and Curare.

The new weekly boss will be Phthahur – an ancient creature associated with the history of the region and the quest of the archont. This is huge. hmmm, whale (?) will have several forms/phase. Fighting both with the whale itself and inside it, because the real form of the boss is slightly deceiving.

Together with new characters, naturally, quests will be added (including the continuation of the main quest of archons). It is also worth expecting a separate plot branch associated with the new open region. An area will appear on the map that will partially fill the void between Fonetein and Li-yu.

The new region will carry a huge layer of information about the ancient kingdom to replace which Fontaine came. Not only the aboveground part of the region will expand, but also underwater. Several objects significant for the plot will also be added, one of which can be new "frosty wood" for pumping and receiving awards.

The main event of the patch will be "Fantastic adventures of Telxi". The history of the event will narrate about a resident of Fontaine – a famous storyteller who is closely related to the story of a mechanical penguin. Three mini-games and character Fermine are waiting for players as the main award.

Dilute the routine players will be:

  • Photo Event with the search and fixation on the camera of various special items.
  • Continuation of the mushroom -mechanicus with molds in the title role
  • Ramran of a fighting event from Patch 3.3 but already in hydraulic decorations.

And a few more useful updates and changes:

  • Weekly bosses can "Call to battle" Directly from the guide is not teleported to the location.
  • Interface of the CPS (so -so abbreviation) underwent small changes.
  • Added new meetings.
  • Improved quests interface, which should facilitate "Stripping" quests and reduce lags on all platforms.

Traditional promotional codes from developers:

  • VA97KJNF24UV – 100 stones of the source and 10 magic reinforcement ore.
  • Ntqp2kpejmuh – 100 stones of the source and 5 heroes of the hero.
  • 9t96kjne2lvm – 100 stones of the source and 50,000 mora.

You can activate promo on the official website, or in the game (settings -> Account). The validity of the codes expires on November 4 at 07:00 (MSC).

P.S. English -speaking names are "copyright" translation and may differ from the final t.To. At the time of writing the news of official localizations is not.