Games 11 BIT will be supported by FSR 3 and will be optimized for Ryzen and Radeon equipment

Today, AMD has announced a new partnership with the Polish developer and publisher of Games 11 Bit (This War of Mine, Frostpunk). AMD will become a technological partner of the studio, providing support for all future games developed and/or published 11 BIT, such as Frostpunk 2, The Alters, The Invincible (next Monday), The Thaumaturge (will be released on December 5), Codename Project 8 and others Nonanons. Technological partnership will work on various devices based on AMD technologies: desktop PCs, laptops, pocket computers and consoles.

Cedric Collibb, Corporate Vice President of AMD software development, said:

11 BIT Studios is a world -class developer with a rich history of exciting and innovative games that expand the boundaries of technology. We are happy to work with them on the next generation games, which will surely like users and will help guarantee that these amazing new games will deliver incredible impressions.

Shimon Yablonsky, Technical Director 11 Bit Studios, added:

There is always a constant need for the further development of gaming technologies, so that every generation of video games provides an amazing graphics. For engineers working on this technology, this is an exciting task, and to solve it, we are closely cooperating with AMD. Our games are unique and have many different points of view. Cooperating with AMD, we can include some of their incredible technologies such as AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3), our last games and optimize these games to maximize the performance and quality of the image on AMD Ryzen processors and AMD Radeon graphic processors.

Member of the Board 11 Bit Studios Pavel Feldman said:

11 BIT acts as a developer and publisher, establishing cooperation with the leading world technological company. The game process is very important for us, but technologies are no less important, and we have an excellent technological partner for many years to come.

As mentioned above, the first -playing adventure game The Invincible, developed by Starward Industries, will be the first game released. To celebrate this event, AMD published a video of the gameplay in resolution of 8k, shot on AMD Ryzen 7800x3D and AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX.