Participants in The Crew Motorfest Closed Beta test on PCs claim that the game is non-granary

From today, when the closed beta testing The Crew Motorfest begins, PC players note their discontent with low performance. Players turn to social networks, referring to low speed, regardless of the resolution of the game, as well as a number of other problems.

On Reddit in The Crew 2, one player said: “She is insofar“. The PC player delved into details in his post, asking: “Some solution for blocking 20 frames per second? I get 12-22 FPS with RTX 4070TI, i7 13700K, RAM DDR5 32 GB and solid-state drive 990 PRO with a resolution of 1920 × 1080. Regardless of graphics or resolution, the game does not use my equipment at all. The game works with a load of about 10-20% of both the processor and the graphic processor “.

It seems that this is a problem that affects several PC players when one user reports on repeating failures when loading the game. Others seemed to feel relieved that the problem was not only in their equipment, since one player said: “I’m glad that this is not only for me. I would suggest that this is a problem on their part, and they work on it?

Another player shared his discontent, saying: “I have the same problem. I launch the game at all the low settings for example, and get 45 frames per second, and over time the game becomes slower and slower, up to 7 frames per second“.

Twitter players also turned to Ubisoft with a request to correct the performance problems for players on PC. One player said: “Solve the problem with the frequency of personnel on the PC, it is literally impossible to play“. It should be noted that this version of the game is still in beta testing, therefore, perhaps this problem can be corrected before or after the completion of beta testing. Nevertheless, low performance does not promise anything good to many Motorfest fans on PC.