Diablo 4 surprisingly will not be support for WASD, which forces gamers to play either with the mouse or with the controller

Earlier, the creators of Diablo 4 spoke about their absolute confidence in the product before launching. According to art director John Muller and assistant to the game director Joe Pipiora, they learned a lot during the last test, and also corrected minor flaws, which would probably cause problems among players. Judging by their comments, it seems that they carefully worked every little thing so that the launch of Diablo 4 would be successful. However, it seems that WASD support was completely excluded. It is worth noting that in Diablo 3 there was also no support for WASD, but in Diablo Immortal it is.

Various sources confirmed the absence of WASD support in Diablo 4. Rod Ferguson, the executive producer of the Diablo franchise, also confirmed this recently one of the players. According to him, they "Very well aware" about reviews, but in the meantime, he recommends that most players with problems of accessibility to try supporting controller. Lack of WASD support caused a passionate discussion in the game community. There are those who are convinced of the need to support WASD, since the mouse control can be either uncomfortable or simply impossible under certain conditions. The controller can help, but it still requires such movements that some may seem difficult. There are those players who simply adore the WASD control, considering it the easiest way to navigate in a role-playing game.

Of course, there are many gamers who are great supporters of support for controllers and would not play Diablo Games in a different way. There are even those who play only with the mouse and find this experience pleasant, but there are also many fans who simply consider the lack of support for WASD with a strange solution. However, judging by the response of the Ferguson clan, it can be assumed that Blizzard plans to introduce WASD support later, otherwise it would not use the words "Bye", Recommending support for the controller.

Given that quite a few gamers complained to Blizzard about the lack of keyboard management, the company will probably do everything possible to solve this problem as soon as possible.