The enthusiast in 48 hours made his version of Starfield with visiting planets without downloads

The creation of Starfield took about 8 years, and Thrilldawill created its version of Starfield in just 48 hours. Of course, this is not about a full -fledged remake, but not about fashion, how could one think. The creative guy created the game, or rather, her demo, inspired by the game Bethesda.

In that "Starfield" You can explore the planets (not individual cards, but entire planets), carry out basic and side tasks with the possibility of dialogue, collect objects and even fight using your ship and firearms.

The most incredible is the possibility of direct movement from the surface of the planet to outer space (and vice versa). There is no menu and downloads, for which some players criticized the Bethesda Starfield game. Ships in "remake" Starfield have different speed depending on where you want to move.

Of course, this Starfield Remake is not the whole Starfield. This is only a small, incomplete game in which the technical capabilities of the systems used are checked.

Obviously, the level of study and optimization of this experiment corresponds to what can be expected from the project done in two days. If someone really wanted to bring it to the quality of Starfield, then, probably, various technical problems would have arisen, and work on it would take much more time.

However, it is worth repeating, it was realized in 48 hours one person. Therefore, this can be considered an outstanding achievement.

Now fans not only patch the game, but also create it. Brilliant, Howard

And this is really brilliant, Todd in essence sells the engine and everyone creates his own "Ideal" game. After all, you can’t please everyone. If you want a hardcore? Create. If you want a casual walk? Create. And by analogy

not just "Create", A "Hey, buy"

"Hey, create" or "Hey, buy and create"

Only now, this demo was created on Henrila, so even the Howard Nafig engine is not needed.

Like Howard himself

Soon it will be like a translation:

– It is necessary 20 million and two years to make the game!

– Two weeks and a box of energy, you will have a game. 😉

Well, if for you a professional translation and g@& from AI is one and the same.

I hope you play English, otherwise embarrassment awaits you …

I don’t play at all. I’m waiting for modern players to make a normal game .But to compare the professional translation, namely, they said the price with machine, the top of stupidity.

You are funny, you said to yourself and answered yourself … …(where is it at all)

the sensation that the kid was not torn- and smart incisions swim in the govene

Todd: what it was possible or something ?

Tod said this phrase when the fans were packed and Folych 4

And Folych 3, and all other games of the gazebo

Again, the Enthusiast Herni made it from the asets, and people are sitting satisfied. Then they wonder why in news from one slag from "Enthusiasts" consist. Immediately visible the level of understanding of Gamdev. More precisely, its complete absence. Not to mention the formation of a request for news.

Well, the gazebo also made a garbage too and sold it to Fulprais. And now also the sea of ​​defenders protect this garbage. I played many games of the tanned, but in order to fan and protect this. This is horror. You don’t even need marketers, you yourself will promote this.

Why crap if it works? Why from "asets" Badly?

What works there? Popligal of a rifle on an empty planet and flew into space and all this in one minute. How many gameplay hours are there? 0.1?

The game is defutable, what they say, they say the enthusiast did crap. Logical.
Most of the hatit comes from people who do not play, but only screenshots and ticktos looked.

Eh, it would be great to see your craft, otherwise we "All" Super exchange in the comments, and are ready to water anyone with verbal slops and criticize!

All this only indicates that with straight hands it is possible to create a similar . Ententative managers drag the industry in a swamp where it is seen so that on the 20th annular exposure engine there was something of the level of 2023 years of the greed of framers ruined . And to keep an enthusiast

And here are managers? Right now, not programmers are hired in the studio, but a rabble of schizophrenics who just do not consider themselves to be
It is logical that they do not know how to do anything, current templates, because they themselves are the same template

I agree that they began to take a lot of any tolerant . but regardless of the desire of the programmer if the chief is a fool, then the product does not work . whether the programmers in charge were happy to make a game on an outdated engine that was not created for such games . how they make the sane write another engine or use a more fresh of the proven . I’m not talking about those cases when the programmers are definitely mediocre as with the story of Gelaxi, who has parted some of us, we all know what kind of garbage turned out terrible bugs with a drop in performance and for a couple of months is not playful

Showed how games are actually developed. The rest of the time marketing wars.

Only here Starfield is not made on Unreal Engine 5, and it does not have nanite.

WHICH "Unreal Engine 5". Here is a dvigo from Folych stands "Creation Engine 2" where did you get such an info from?

And the engine, if anything, from Morrowind.

This does not justify this craft: Nah was to take this guano if it did not pull the ambitions of the game initially? they did not give money or went there? could take any engine, hire specialists, with such a cartridge. But there were promises, to sell a dream.

Yes, here their logic is not clear. Facepunch, which has income in 1.5 times less and the number of people is 8 times less, took Source 2 and for three years made it candy, while Bethesda has been sawing its forty -walled for 20 years now.

Although, there is one reason – corporate greed.

Come on so to keep it up

This guy needs to be sent to Staresitizen. With him, they will finish her this year))))))))))))))))))))))

yes, this is what the Starfile is missing for immersion.

That is, he created a stub of no men’s Sky, but in which there is nothing to do

in 2 days, ordinary SDA

From ready-made ases, in 2 days only one concept of artist will make an art sketch of the ship and the environment for the 3D modeller, and he, in turn, will make a model for a couple of days, and then integrate, of course the hero there. This prototype of raw code is assembled from ready -made ases, which has nothing to do with the games. This is nothing more than a flawed landfill with balvans, so that they do not talk about gems, and creating a game is a very difficult process that requires a lot of specialists from different fields, and all such statements are nothing more than clickbeite.

The gazebo does not know how to make games, they themselves do not know what specialists, engine, progress and so on are

For two days it was made very worthy.

Yes, although from ready -made concepts, to grind what he did is not difficult.To. You make yourself what and where you need. In addition, you can rivet your concepts in a couple of weeks in a couple of weeks and then grind in the process. And in the end, one guy with this pace of development will make the game (albeit raw) in 2-3 years, and the gazebo in the whole department for 8 years produces a raw product at the cost of aaa procta. You feel the difference?!

Obviously, the level of study and optimization of this experiment corresponds to what can be expected from the project done in two days

And you can say in which place in Starfield you saw study and optimization, especially optimization: D
The evil irony is still that you have not expected anything from the project in 2 days, and you expect a lot from the project that has been done for 8 years, and in the end you get not what you expected and not what you saw in PR rollers.

Strictly speaking, this ethuclear made from the asses 1 site on 1 planet.

I’m yoke. The gazebo could not. A shame.

Anryl 5 Cages and the graphon is immediately visible, Nekstgen, and Todd still has the engine since the 2000s

And even after this, someone will continue to defy a piece of guards from the gazebo.

will be, read the comments

I put it to Undreil 4, I put it like that to do this and stuck out. Maybe on UE5 this is a little easier because 64 bit coordinates and on UE4 I got stuck in 8 km in height if you use the full -time methods of creating open worlds using the landscape.
Examples of running along the ball, that is, but to do something on a real scale and also the planet can be slightly more than the Earth, you need a mesh on the fly with physics and somehow generate cities and not create them in manual and a number of problems and an indirect development path.
I also considered such an option that the planet is flat, but there will be a problem with the halter combination theorem and in some kind of stroke it will need to be seen as if non -existent levels of the corners of the cube. And in fact, there will be some kind of download. Well, the dimensions and hierarchy of elements. More or less UE4 was stable for 500 thousand km in the Rendra, then he would need large numbers for sorting and the problem would have aggravated with an increase in the number of objects. However, he fired correctly the sphere in about 1 light year and behind it just a video card will go crazy.And there is a problem that if the space is enough empty then in the center of the galaxy and ball clusters it is not empty enough. there are the distances of MKDU by stars about 10 St. and completely unimaginable to imagine how they spin there and then I dropped the testicles. and did not study the option whether the engine in the editer of the nesting dolls, The picture and Plantation crawls out of the wall so wretchedly where it is painted with texture and the soil also climbs out of the texture. And here even the spaceship does not fit into the level since more than 8 km and you need to check its coordinates and centering from the player because the lighting will break there. (by the way, by the way, it will not be)
So the gazebo made a game on Isch simply and if I made a game about a cat, I can not really imagine how even because even 10 km asteroid with a station on it causes a terrible head that was completely seamless and a question with the size of the level. Because even a planet of 300 km flew up, I pressed and run around the planet so that the player does not make it very hard that the cosmos is small then the cooper belt and the sun knows where.

Interesting pastime. But the grocery does not steam, and you can fall under the textures of the earth in Atlanta in the same way, on Izi)

Hmm, what if you give him a million dollars and 10-20 people in the team?

He has everything with the team in a year, and the game will roll out 48 hours before the release))))
Money spoils people. While a person works on an intestance – he comes out of masterpieces, and when the hobby goes into business, it becomes a routine and the thought comes " Why try and experiment if they buy"

there will be an indie Survil where you start in shorts on the plan, get a stone and wood and then a dressed shod exploring the galaxy on your starship spruce.

And what could be so?

Cool, dude built an interactive scene. Finally fellow. Just do not tell him please that a big game and an interactive scene are several different things, you should not upset an enthusiast ahead of time.

Bethesda persons for 5 years Chelal this game at the same time, most of the planets are randomly generated and full of similar locations and people at one in 48 hours made more than a huge studio with a bunch of employee

In some way, I myself can make interactive scenes;), and believe me, the difference between this and the creation of a big game is how to make a pack of sand on the beach and build a skyscraper in a seismic zone.

Hahahah, stupidly person in the team of impressions on the lips led)

How sorry that it is impossible to select all the money of the gazebo and transfer to the guy who in 2 days did what the pensionaires from the gazebo did for years and could not
Many people write that "the fact that he did not achieve an achievement and anyone can", However, I do not see from the 1st of each "I can" From comments on a couple of such demo versions at least

I don’t think that it is difficult to make ups and landings on empty planets, but in Starfield many planets are not empty, but are filled with a bunch of content, but, of course, played in the game 1.5 hours and the run to pour it in the comments knows better))

Yes, the content there is actually entered in a heap

All because of the ancient gazebo engine. It is he who pulls the game to the bottom. He is kept afloat only fashion. Would make a modern engine on a more modern engine and for 3 years they would have been washed down by the game that they expected from them.

Chuvak in 48 hours created an analogue of games that make more studio for years, and spending billions on them.

Chris Roberts and Tod Howard are the following: "What could it be?"

It is probably worth taking into account the fact that this demo version was made on the new Anrinjin, who certainly not 8 years), and Starfield only had been done for 8 years, and how much it was still in the form of a project on a PC. If you redo long -term construction with each new update of engines and technologies, then the game will never come out) or will be like an old Citizen, which constantly needs money.

And if you make a game in a year, you can take as a basis some newly released technologies and later finish them if possible.

Again, Starfield has his own engine, for which no one needs to pay anything, and they will not take a penny from a person with a demo, because this is not an opitial game, but a demo that is not sold that is not sold.

Yes, and Starfield for years will finish the steep toy, as it was with but Man Sui.