Video developers Diablo 4 were harshly criticized that they spat only the basic attack, constantly dying

From time to time, Blizzard releases videos demonstrating Diablo IV fans "behind the scenes". The recent show in the framework of the Adventure with a DEV series, where the developers talk about their work during the game, caused a lot of negative comments and made him doubt in which direction the game is moving.

The last video shows the gameplay of the Belfry Zakara dungeon. Two developers, Dini McMermry and Josie Meyers, who are responsible for the design of this particular dungeon participate in it. Although at first glance it seems that they do not say anything contradictory in their video, fans hastened to note that they. They do not know how to play Diablo 4 – they constantly died in an ordinary dungeon, only a basic attack.

Commentators did not fail to note that they inefficiently use their characters’ skills:

I understand that not all members of the development team should be experts in the game, but I would expect from them at least a basic understanding of how the game works in order to do their work properly. It was so painful to look at this spam of basic attacks, as if someone was trying to cut the steak with a spoon. Basic skills replenish resources, basic skills cause damage. These things can be learned 15 minutes after the start of the game. This is the obligation of the company – to teach their employees basic knowledge about the product with which they work, it is just common sense.

The fact that developers do not know how to play their game led the players to the conclusion:

Now everything is clear. Designers have no idea how to play their own game. I can’t wait to be back to hiring real players to create games. This video killed all my hopes for future seasons overnight. You have lost my respect, Blizzard because you clearly lost yourself a long time ago.

After watching this video, I realized that the game is hopeless, since these developers make it. Great job.

The video turned out to be so unsuccessful that some commentators began to sympathize with these developers who had to act in it. One of them said Blizzard "sacrificed them" or "I put it for execution". Currently, the video has been scored only 874 barking against 35 thousand. Dizlaikov.

Blizzard has not yet reacted to this incident. In fact, it is not necessary to be an expert on the game, even participating in the development process, but the sediment remains, especially considering not the most successful Blizzard moves with Diablo 4 (although I must say that the company is trying to save the situation, announcing and releasing the next updates).