Large streamers called for a Call of Duty boycott after removing Nickmercs for his criticism of LGBT propaganda among children

In a continuously unfolding saga around the recent scandal around Nickmercs, the famous Timthetatman streamer went to an unprecedented step. After the Nickmercs skin was withdrawn from the sale after his criticism of LGBT cultivation among children, Tim asked Activision also delete his Bandle from Call of Duty.

Disputes began with the fact that Nickmercs expressed his opinion about the situation, as a result of which Activision was removed by his skin of the operator from the sale. This action caused the effect of the wave, and other well -known creators of the content expressed their opinion on this issue. Streamers such as DR. Disrespect and Cloakzy openly criticized the Activision solution, expressing their disapproval by removing Call of Duty from their desktop and vowing to boycott the game.

Timthetatman previously allowed this situation on Stream, saying that he had talked with him and assuring that he had no intention of insulting anyone. However, aggravating his reaction to the situation, Tim recently turned on Twitter with a request to Activision to remove his bandl from Call of Duty.

"Nickmercs has been my friend for many years – we starred together for our COD operators. It seems to me wrong that I have my own, but he no longer has. In support of my friend, please delete the Bandle Timthetatman". At the moment remains unknown whether Activision will fulfill this request.

Meanwhile, Nickmercs turned to Twitter to confirm his position and thank for the support that he received after removing his kit: "Friends are created in good times, but families are built in trials. I appreciate everyone who covers me, understands my position of the new father and recognizes my love for everyone. There is no hatred in this heart".

Since disputes continue, it seems less likely that Activision and Call of Duty will cooperate with streamers in the near future. Despite the current uncertainty, one thing is clear: this saga is still far from completion.