Blizzard explains the reason for the level of levels in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 uses a system scaling system designed to make monsters relevant for players at any time.

The upcoming Arpg Blizzard leads the player through various zones as the campaign passes, and there should not be a feeling that you are much stronger than the creatures that you are faced with.

We do not want some part of the game to become absolutely trivial, so that there is no reason to return to this place.

After completing the campaign and creating a new character, you are given the opportunity to miss the campaign. Choose this option, and Diablo 4 will transfer you to the world of the sanctuary at the first level, settling in Kovashada, the main city in the field of split peaks.

It is here that a set of Diablo 4 capabilities is presented after passing the campaign. In addition "The whisper of the dead" You have to complete the tasks located throughout the sanctuary, and all of them are dedicated to the ancient tree. Large awards are relying for the implementation of these tasks.

And when you play in this world, you can play in chopped peaks, you can play in a mystery, you can go down to the swamps in Havezar.

There is an exception: Strongholds. Recent beta contained three of these (malnok, Kor Dragan and Nostrava), each of which is an independent task of stripping the dungeon, after which new objects are opened.

The level of each Stronghold is several levels higher than your character level, so you may want your friends to help you. Strongholds, thus, have a fixed level.

You can go and do it when you want. If you think: "I have a very good legendary item that I just found, I really like my build, this area of ​​the level 32, I am 25th level, I will try-we want to give you the opportunity to try to clean these things earlier if you want And you will receive awards for this. You are not obliged to do it. But in general, we want the whole game to feel as if it is scaled for you.

It is worth clarifying how the levels of levels in the context of world levels Diablo 4 work. The levels of the world affect the complexity of the game. Level 2 is designed to create an equivalent of normal complexity, and level 1 is similar to an easy mode or mode oriented towards the plot. Monster levels are the same at 1 and 2 levels.

If you play at level 3, which you get access after passing the dungeon of the 50th level at the end of the level 2, then the level of monsters will be higher than you generally. You can stay at level 1 or 2, and monsters will never be higher than 50 levels. You can be the 60th level, but at the same time roam around and end your collections or perform sideways, and you will destroy the monsters, because you are much stronger.

If you want to switch to a higher level of complexity, you can collect better equipment, but the monsters will be more powerful, and the complexity of the game will increase accordingly.

You can become a couple of levels higher than monsters in the district, if you surpass the level of the region, especially during the campaign. But besides this, we want you to feel that you need to fight these creatures, that you must continue the onslaught.

But how the leveling of levels works if you play in a cooperative campaign? The head of the development department Diablo 4 Rod Fergusson recently explained this.