“1000 planets, and there would be 5”: the blogger explained why the players were so disappointed in Starfield

Bethesda Starfield Monstarous Role -playing Game was released in September of this year. Before the release, the project had record expectations among players, but after its release, many remained disappointed with the studio done by the work. Users are still trying to find the main reasons for the failure of the game, and an authoritative blogger with Nakeyjakey nickname came to help them. He published a video, trying to explain why Starfield is not the same delight as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4.

The key idea of ​​the video from Nakeyjakey is that Starfield not only could not surpass the previous Bethesda games, but also repeated a successful and proven formula. According to the blogger, the main reason for the disappointment of the players was that Starfield could not create the same atmosphere of adventure that was in previous Bethesda games. In past games of the company, players could explore vast worlds filled with interesting content, which could be found even in the most unexpected places. In Starfield, on the contrary, the world seems empty and monotonous. There are too many loading screens in the game that interferes with plunging into the atmosphere of the game. In addition, most quests in Starfield are linear and do not provide the player with the opportunity to independently explore the world. As a result, Starfield did not live up to the expectations of players who hoped for a sense of research, as in Fallout games, or adventures in the spirit of Skyrim.

Disassembling Starfield from a blogger gained more than 1.5 million views and 220 thousand likes. Many users agreed with the main idea that the developers were too focused on quantity, and not on quality. Instead of 1000 monotonous planets, they would prefer to see only 5, but carefully worked out.

The blogger also noted that the sixth part of The Elder Scrolls will be the next game Bethesda. He hopes that the more familiar world will return Bethesda to its former glory, and the developers will learn lessons from their mistakes.