Fortnite responds to player reviews: Improved characters’ movement mechanics

Fortnite developers have recently faced a wave of criticism after an update that slowed down the animation of the character movement. Some players reacted so negatively to these changes that one of the developers even encountered threats and pressure from the public. In response to this, Epic Games decided to increase the speed of movement in the game.

Details of update

According to information from Hypex, the speed of running and squatting was increased, and the movement of the chamber for a smooth type was reduced, and the movement of the chamber was reduced. The settings of an individual diagonal movement were also reset, now players need to adapt them to new speeds.

This update also affected the “battle with the storm” regime, where you can now feel new animations and improved speed during the fight against the hordes of zombies.

Mixed community reviews

Despite the improvements, some players are still unhappy, claiming that the speed of movement remains too low. They urge Epic Games to completely cancel the changes and return the old animations. However, according to other players, it is necessary to maintain new animations and speed after the update, given the threats that the developer faced.

Final thoughts

Here is a new turn to Fortnite. Epic Games seems to have been serious about solving the problems voiced by the players. Acceleration of characters and adjusting the camera are clear steps towards the wishes of fans. But as is usually the case in the gaming industry, it is impossible to please absolutely everyone. The dilemma between the preservation of innovations and the return to old animations is nothing more than the game balance between innovations and community preferences. Obviously, Epic Games is not afraid to experiment and listen to their players. Fortnite continues to surprise the game industry, and it often looks very exciting. Interestingly, the developers have prepared for us in the future.