For Horizon: Forbidden West, an update has been released, which includes some very popular corrections and improvements

Guerrilla Games released update 1.23 for Horizon Forbidden West, in which, along with numerous improvements, some very popular corrections have been added.

After the update released last week 1.22 For the recently released expansion of The Burning Shores, we have received another update for the Zero Dawn sequel to Guerrilla. According to a team of developers, some of the most popular corrections, including the correction of the main task, have been corrected in the new patch "Following Seika in the tower" and activity activity from the air: Northern world. The new update also corrects other basic and side tasks, including the correction for the main task "To the burning shores", because of which, after restarting during the conservation after the introductory video, the cars did not appear during the assignment "Kill cars". This problem has blocked the game promotion and is now fixed.

In addition to numerous corrections for basic tasks, side tasks and actions in the world, the new update also includes corrections for weapons, machines, some skills, user interface and several failures. In addition, game assets are optimized in this patoche, as well as improved sound and visual support. Full notes to the patch are available here.

Guerrilla also talked about what problems the team is still actively working. Here is a list of known problems:

  • Players said that while performing the main task "For the sake of his entertainment" it is impossible to move forward if you restart with the preservation during the task.
  • Players said that during the main task "For his entertainment" Seika may not open the door when scanning a data point "Access control" After studying three tips during the task "Explore the weapons".
  • Players said that during the side "In his footsteps" During the task "Kill the defenders" enemies stuck in the walls, which made it impossible to promote on assignment.
  • Players reported that collection items could not get "Pangea figures", if they leave the parking lot after the trunk is opened in which the collection item is located.

Horizon Forbidden West access to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The first expansion of the game, Burning Shores, was released exclusively for PlayStation 5 last month.