You will not have to suffer for a long time: the passage of Skull Island: Rise of Kong will take 5-6 hours

Gamemill Entertainment and IGuanabee developer announced Skull Island: Rise of Kong was announced last month and received, mostly negative, due to its visual component. But how rich the game will be?

In a recent interview, this question was the leading designer of the game Guillermo Gomez Zare, who said that Skull Island: Rise of Kong will last about 5-6 hours, although depending on the style of the game and how much you are focused on the search for collection objects, You can get more pleasure from the game.

"Our game is designed for 5-6 hours", – The developer says. "This may depend on whether the player is a hardcore, a casual or a collector (in this case, he can be even longer). We hope that all players from beginning to end will like the game".

Zara also touched on the approach to the study, saying that the cards on which the players will be held will be "Pretty large" And they will contain "a lot of secrets that will need to open".

The DNA of our game is a combination of battle with the opening of the secrets of the island. The player will have to overcome interesting places as way to new levels using his special skills. Our levels were developed both in order to immerse the player into the atmosphere of the island of the skull and its secrets, and in order to have various complex places, whether it is movement, battle or special events, combined with the zones of bosses. These maps are large enough and contain many secrets that have to be discovered. In addition, in the framework of the basic abilities of Kong, you can use a special ability that will help you find interesting places, collecting objects and much more.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong will be released at the end of this year for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The specific release date has not yet been announced.