Valve refuses combat passes in Dota 2 and will focus on a variety of general content

The Dota Developers team said that she completely refuses the structure of past years and the usual military pass.

Last year, Valve first divided the annual combat pass into two separate units at TI11. One of them was released on the eve of the largest sporting event of the year in Dota, and the second – immediately after it to last until the New Year. Obviously, it was a sign of future events, since this year even greater changes took place, and Valve decided to completely abandon the military pass.

Valve noted that the 10th anniversary of Dota 2 is being prepared to celebrate with players around the world on July 9, and is also actively working on this holiday. However, this update will not be released right on the day of the celebration, and the developers decided to take advantage of the moment to discuss the past, present and future of the release of content for the game.

Since 2013, when the interactive compensation of The International was presented, which subsequently turned into a military pass, Valve used these content releases as a celebration of everything related to DOTA, as well as to involve the entire base of players around the world. Despite all the plans, the military pass over time began to absorb content, which previously appeared in other updates.

The nature of the military pass is such that it can include almost everything that we are developing for the game during the year. And so it happened: in recent years, the season of the military pass was incredibly exciting, but compared to it the rest of the year seemed fresh.

Last year, we began to ask ourselves: whether the game is beneficial for the only key point on which the release of all content is tied? Separately, each of our solutions seemed correct: the military pass in itself increased the significance of the awards included in it, so they were becoming more and more. As a result, one part of the year was replete with innovations, but we almost could not devote time to the content and important content for players, which could not be placed on the line of awards in combat missing.

Valve The beginning of 2023 with the aim of extracting content, which was usually intended for combat passage, and release it in other updates. Such as "New Horizons" at 7.33 led to one of the largest changes in Dota, and, as Valve notes, this would be impossible if the old combat missile development cycle was still used.

New horizons are only the beginning, and Valve takes into account the reaction of the community to this update, since the team proceeds to the development cycle oriented towards "creating a wide range of functions and content for the game provided in various ways".

Having delivered the cycle of updates and release of content from the temporary and structural framework of combat passage, we can return to the format of work that is best familiar to us: the search for all kinds of ideas that we will explore with you.