The game is becoming more and more: it became known about another Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 location

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 card was even more than we thought before. Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 is one of the most long -awaited games of the year, and how could it be otherwise? Spider -Man is one of the most beloved superheroes, and after the release "Spider-Man: Spider Web" Love for Spider reached its climax. InSomniac Games also knocked him out of the usual track with the last two games, and, judging by the gameplay that we saw in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this time they prepare something very ambitious.

It has already been confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will appear new parts of the card, such as Queens and Brooklyn. Some of these areas were even shown on playing frames, but a new official description of the game, kindly provided by the PlayStation (via Resetera), confirms that we can also visit Koni-Alenda.

Stunning visual effects: examine the magnificent bright new environment and locations, including Brooklyn and Queens, Koni Island and much more.

Koni Alend is another religious place of New York. It is quite small and known mainly by its attractions, such as the entertainment park. He is famous for his Ferris and other attractions on the ocean. Fans of Spider-Man also learn this place from the film "Spider-Man: Return home", since it is here that the final fight between Peter Parker and the vulture takes place. Only time will tell what role Koni Island will play in the game. It seems that this is a great place for a big battle with a character like Venom, but perhaps it will have nothing to do with the plot and will simply become a place that fans can visit. In any case, the card is becoming more and more, as we learn more and more about it.

Only time will tell how exciting the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be, but many new mechanics have already been confirmed. Symbionte’s costume will change the method of fighting, a change of characters will appear, and even web-wings that will allow you to slide around the city.