Gamesvoice studio showed a video of the work process of the voice acting of the remake of Dead Space

Not so long ago, the GameSvoice studio conducted online presentation of Voicecon where, among other things, they demonstrated the English localization of the remake of Dead Space, and today a selection of video processes from the actors recording sessions were published.

We direct every effort to ensure that the complete localization of the project (text + sound) is released as soon as possible. There are already certain successes in the technical part, but it takes a little more time to overcome the remaining difficulties. We will inform the specifics about the deadlines at once how it will become possible.

The authors recalled the fundraising for English voice acting Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it remains to get less than 10%.

Interesting. It’s nice when they do high quality.

And this voice acting in general when the thread comes out? Or we will show us the vidos?

Sadly they planned to release it in August, well, I will wait, I really want to go through with voice acting.

You bought a game or something?

Activation costs 100 rubles.

Well, I ask you for her grandmas or something?

Well, yes 100 rubles paid.

They wrote Callisto and the grandfather of Space will make in the summer, but in the end they put the bolt

People who voiced the game have their own affairs are professional actors and they cannot voice the game every day

Someone as an actor works or the main job in the theater

Genius, voice acting is already ready, they only have to shove it into the game.

Under one of the comments, I already mentioned here

They promised in the summer voice acting, the summer passed, they release the video that the work is going on, with difficulties and the release date there is no release at all, the ZBS, reminds old Cityizen, the loot was collected and fed by promises further

Here Petro surprised me! I believed him!!

Waiting for to go with a high.

On 3 videos young guy.of course it is coolly voiced))

Already October, alas

A week later in Gampass and it would be cool voice acting quickly)

Already almost a year has passed as you raised money. And then we throw a sticker, like a pyramid – mmm ?!

Gamesvoice did not collect money for this voice acting. In addition, DSR came out in late January. And now on August 31. You have a strange one "year" with 7 months as part.

Your stupidity, relative.

But your obvious!

Philip, as always in his repertoire. Professional exciter from any situation. then Hellblid your project is not yours and all questions to the feet. Now there is a recent stream – demonstrations, glued a sticker m say the localization of Gamesvoice. Apparently your project again. and when there are again problems again, probably again, you will not be yours again))

Regarding Dead Space. The voice acting to you has not just hit you. and passed with Artyom Chernov. from which we can conclude that the project belongs to him. Otherwise, the voice acting would remain with the mechanics. From which it also follows that even if the fundraising was carried out in a public of mechanics. but it was Chernov who was engaged in them. And since he is now an employee of Gamesvoice. then the statement that you (your employee) collected money for this voice acting is quite appropriate and justified.

Went 2030, the Gamesvoice studio still showed a video of the work process of voice acting.

Owner not in a week or a month is done for voice acting can go down a year and a year

It is worth considering the schedule of the actors of voice acting are not just nousems, but people who, for example, shoot in films/series or work as actors in theaters

Yes, this is clear everything. Just take into account what we are talking about the corridor juman, in which, if quite honest, there are not so many dialogs and text.

If we were conditional, they talked about some kind of game of type 1, where there are simply kilometers of texts, then there is a long time or even a year or more, they look much more believable.

Yes, and whoever excites it at all, there are some things to do with the actors or not, if they receive a bass for this, they will not fuck anyone, as they agreed and come. If thank you, then yes, you can do it all for years.

The amount of voice acting in the game is not an indicator. It is important how the voice acting is packed in the game files is such games where each file is one line of voice acting and this must be unpacked to give it all on the voice acting and pick up all back, while adjusting the files so that there are no errors

You have a zero idea of ​​the process of voice acting and the structure of games.

1) Sound recording is the simplest thing that is in the process of creating voice acting. Almost 80% of the work is occupied by work with texts, solving technical issues and processing this very sound.

2) in the game lasting an hour can be 3-4 hours of sound. The duration of the game does not affect the duration of sound files at all. All due to the fact that developers sometimes make 10-20 options for each phrase so that the player constantly does not hear the same intonation. For the example of Half-Life Alyx: the duration of the replicas of the soldiers of the Alliance (those same replicas where "I throw a grenade", "Attack" and t.D.) almost 2 times higher than the replicas of the plot characters.

This news about "voice acting processes" They begin to remind me. Fees of money are growing, they saw something there, and when the finale is unknown. And why the finale? After all, then it will not work to collect money.

The greed of the fraer ruined. They pushed the projects, collected donates, and now they feed breakfast, showing "Video Work Process Voice Process". It is necessary to os ome, that is, to the donors, to show that they were not in vain to be tidied and carried to new projects, which are also unknown when they come out.

In their place, I would have stated ambitiously and loudly that there will be a translation of Starfield, but I need 50 million for 5 years. After that it will be possible to abyss and live on the islands

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