Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2 and Spider-Man 2 will compete for the “game of the year” at The Game Award ceremony

Jeff Kili presented all the games nominated for the Game Awards 2023. The host and producer of the most important game award presented six games nominated for the main prize "The game of the year".

Nominees on "The game of the year"

  • Alan Wake 2.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Spider-Man 2.
  • Resident Evil 4.
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
  • The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The winners will be announced during the Game Awards 2023 ceremony, scheduled for December 7 – in Moscow it will be the early morning of December 8.

Stop, where is the great Starfield? How so .

What a Starfield?

written – the great.

Without options Baldur’s Gate 3 Game of the year

Well, without options. Here’s how many options. For me, the game of the year is exclusively Tears of the Kingdom, for someone it is Alan Wake II, for some BG3, and for someone, this is some little-known indie that none of us literally knows. It’s all individual

This is some kind of joke? Willy Ilkka is just a head above it costs her. Especially in the chapter: "We Sign". No, of course, I understand that he is a white heterosexual man, but why bring it to delirium? However, whom I ask.

Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2 and Resident Evil 4

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Baldur’s Gate 3 Well, not Alan Wake 2

If the bg3 does not win, I will be disappointed. There is no atomics in one nomination, bastards. Could at least add to the music.

uh your atomic is music, that in general the game!

Cry in the pillow

There is no Hogwarts, although the game shot be healthy. They chose not for the quality of the games, but who did not angry cesenerial creatures too much.

the plac plac plate was called the atomic UG so ?How are you?

Well, where is Hogwarts, Killy Zassal?

Final Fantasy XVI. Remembering the statements of the developer. Do not be surprised

And the Japs will be to the music again to the music "Glovegers but what music do you see how it sounds. "

Interesting of course, but strange. Okay bg3, okay the legend of the green. I am even pleasantly surprised that there is a resident Evil 4, but he already received the game of the year in 2005. I don’t understand why Alan Vake and Puchara is here. Spider seems to have accepted fans and there is love, but they scold it well. And Alan only came out and for some reason already in the nominalists. And given that the bald has just received a number of awards, it is obvious that she will be the game of the year.

Alan went to 23? came out. to the prize? before. So with a fig, whether it cannot be nominated? And he is clearly better than a fucked isometric sandbox of a can.

The campaign was a man whose bear caught and raped in all poses. And now in every comment from resentment on BG3 he shines his blazing sedeline. On tatuin! There are already many yours there, you will be in a warm company)))

Of course Baldur’s Gate 3. The question only will come to the Witcher 3 who had 99 titles of the game of the year, I will hope both worthy games)

PFF isometric g cancaps is worthy of only slopes. That’s when they learn to make a normal camera in games then and will be normally perceived by players not currently from isometry. In the meantime, the game is 3/5. just raise hype simulated fanatics and forget.

That’s what is really, this is a Forpoken, a fierce drritus of this year, with graphics worse than that of BG, BG in fact is not even isometry because everything is done in full and honest 3D, and if anyone does not like it, you can do the next one, you put one mod and The game turns into Dragon Age Origins by camera and management

This is unlikely. Too busy year for really good games. The witcher 3 exit year, there was not particularly high competition

Well, do not tell the bg3 even with the guide, it goes to Golden Joystick Awards 2015 from the Witcher 5 prizes from the BG3-6, on The Game Awards 2015 took only 3 and 4 times nominated, but lost (including the best plot, lost that for I’m amazing). BG3 I think more than 3 will take and tear off, so that everything is possible.

Resident Evil 4, Baldur’s Gate 3 Best

Yeah from the end. Let’s brut me confirming my words)

Cons not confirm your words, but on the contrary only confirm their meaninglessness.

He played everything except Mario, the spider is now in the process, this is a good game, but not the game of the year like Alan Vake (in both games, by the way, black mukakov, weak stupid men and strong smart women are actively pushing) Zelda steep but after 50 hours starts to bother, begins, Rubber 4 cool game, passed it 2 times, but so to speak it is too standard. But Baldur passed 2 times in a row and the 3rd in the process, such RPGs have not been done for a very long time, my voice was for no.

BG3, Re4 and Zelda masterpieces. I hope one of these 3 games will receive a prize because they have deserved more.

RE4 was just away, but this is a RIMAK, they are unlikely to give him. But Zelda or BG3 will receive the game of the year, you will have to look.

Well then, Zelda is just a supplemented previous part.

The difference between rubber band 4 and its remake is huge, unlike the last two potions.

Well then, BG3 is Divinity Original Sin. Zeld is also a big difference. The plot is the same in the rubber, there is a difference, but it is not as big as in the second part with the original. It’s like saying that the Yakuza series is just DLC.

If the game is a remake, then this will somehow hurt to present a premium? I still saw such discussions somewhere, but no one explained to me for this.

It just looks strange for me. So you can reprint one game every 5 years and gets a game of the year. As far as I know the original, I already grabbed a lot of rewards, and the difference between it and the game of this year is not as big as that of a 2 -part Rome, the nomination of which I could still understand.

So I understand that in fact there are three nominees – BG3, Re4 and Zelda. For AW2 came out a gameplay-technical controversial brill, the spider seemed to go fans, but something didn’t shoot something loudly, and Mario is just afraid that the industry did not break out =) then they will not guess to whom t.To all three are good and completely different.

I beg you! What the fuck Zelda! There are not many sword fighting in the world that it would be competitive! Just the main nominees are a baldadur, a rubber and alan because it is objectively good in everything (the gameplay is excellent just you need to think in the game and not degraded as many are used to, the graphics of Nekst Genovskaya, which means technically everything is super! No need to just try to run it on a PC that do not pull it! no non -station gene PC then do not touch the Nekst Gene of the game! Armor? I will surprise you, but all Suvuvil Horora is a ferment! than the fourth rubber of Alana ot in this regard is different? Yes, nothing! So there is no double standards here!) What Zelda deserved Goti? cartoon graphics? 20010 level gameplay at best, or even earlier? The plot is not? go there I don’t know where, collect it, I don’t know that you save the tog, I don’t know who I don’t know what? Wow! This is a setting! Shakespeare and never dreamed of such a plot! As you can take and empathize with the cartoon elf in a night cap? such a feeling, looking at him that when he is hit on his head, like in the cartoon there will be birds or stars around his head!

Well, what if the spider had not been added to the nominees, then the sonboys would be offended.

Lol, seriously? 150 million Sweat sold, as well as 10 million. the sold copies of Zeldy in the first 3 days after the release (as it is now unknown, but clearly the number is more), a very significant amount

Resident Evil 4

All these games are worthy titles "The game of the year".

My personal game of this year is RE4, I am glad and a little even surprised that she got into the nomination precisely as a contender for the game of the year. But this is as they say in the heart. And objectively and understanding the head – bg3 game of the year. For everyone I think their own will be this year, but all the same BG3 stood out greatly

Nothing, I have a magnificent game and remake against R4, but she already received her awards in 2005. This year her reward is the best remake. Victory will be for BG3.

R4 is beautiful, but still this is a RIMAK, somehow dishonestly put it on the game of the year. But BG3 surprised, I would never have thought that step -by -step niche RPG for oldfags like me could become a game of the year.

NDA, it looks like next year there will be no interesting games, if you look at the list of the most anticipated games 2024, not a single one who would like to wait.

just there are those games that have accurate release dates. And those who are still without them but will surely go out at 24 are very interesting! But what is presented in the nomination yes, cheap and passage.

And where is Hogvards Legashi? and other cool games that were released this year?

For a long time, the game with the gameplay of a mobile game has become a cool?

people you would be silent and! here Mario, Genshin Impact, Zeldu and other nonsense with graphics of the level of mobile phones were nominated for! So Hogwarts against their background is just a masterpiece of Gamdev! and Hogwarts is clearly abruptly stupid isometric jerk off the can!

Hogwards against their background is a mediocre act of activists of the quotas recruited by quota, who stuck the mobile elements of the game in AAA Project.

Well, there are at least competitors here

The second and third are definitely not worthy of this, I did not play Baldur, but it will clearly be better than this slag will be

oh I beg you! than this isometric g is better than a spider and rubber? praised elaboration of the world and branching of quests and dialogues? Lord, in the spider and the rubber, at least not "Cube" throw on each action and solution!

Shouldn’t there be a game on a generally accessible platform to be called the game of the year? Okay – the best PS5 game in 2023, but yell that the game is a xz straight. That and people some crawls forever in the tops Mario and FIFA -_-, and as for- the best office, the best cyber athletes (on which I mildly say it, it is important, if you are not watching it) and so on, only proves That level is today. the degradation of the industry, which in fact stupidly does not want to give a voice.

Well, it is obvious – the best RPG of the year Baldurs, the best action (from 3 faces) rubber 4 (remake), nostalgia of the year (robocop), not bad in the plot plan (PE2 insuli), good DLS from cyberpunk Liberty. The disappointment of the century old (that garbage) vs alan 2 (here it is difficult to choose between them) -__-

and what is the console not publicly available? If you personally cannot or do not want to afford it, this does not make her not publicly accessible cup
The consoles, by the way, are much cheaper than a game PC, so you can still argue that it is publicly available and what is not

Todd left the chat

Here everything is ambiguous games of different genres, for me Baldur’s Gate 3 of course in the first place.

Actually, this is only a list of nominees, and not the final result, but everything is written in the post

Again, Starfield rolled, but what is it, oh, these sonboys and on TGA made their way!

Well, this is that the competition is not expected – the favorite is already clear.

I found the same Starfield, but forgive me tod

Interesting, and in Steam the Starfield will also fly or Tod already gathers the Denyag’s suitcases for them?))

I hope for the victory of Vake or BG3.

How everything is rotten this year

Strange to see among others Super Mario Bros. Wonder., Maybe I don’t understand something😅

The first place is Baldur 3. And for the rest of the pedestals too! 😇🙏👍👍👍

Spider and rubber are also gorgeous, but to Baldur to them, like to the moon!

Again, Nintendinsky, who called themselves gamers, in the tops from somewhere. They really did not see normal games, or just dissenting?

Baldur’s Gate 3, Spider-Man 2, Resident Evil 4 Games of the year) Well, I deserve a rubber) for me) Well, the spider is understandable for it, the Baldurs also deserve it)

But what about Kolda, old Field?

Kekl from a lonely cyberpunk in a row with online chips.

As I wrote before, 5 nominees were obvious, Mario did not see, but obviously everyone likes Mario.
If Starfield did not get rid of, then he would be instead of Mario.
Well, zero nomination Hogwarts, which should be expected.

Nominees on "The game of the year"

Baldur’s Gate 3.
Baldur’s Gate 3.
Baldur’s Gate 3.
Baldur’s Gate 3.
Baldur’s Gate 3.
Baldur’s Gate 3.

Corrected, do not thank.

Alan Wake and Spider Man? why not some atomic Hart? Not a dozen normal games this year? Renant 2, for example. Pinokio. etc. All these ceremonies are such a clowning sho pussy.

Where is the atomic Hart normal game?

The list of applicants for the game of the year is as sugary as possible, here the only question is, the Baldurs Gate 3 or some of the Nina’s projects will take the nomination. Knowing the Western player, almost certainly the second.
From the noteworthy that Atomic Heart and Hogwarts Legacy are not in any of the nominations, although in the category "Best action" It would look much more appropriate than Hi-Fi Rush, IMHO, and Hogwarts would be logical to see at least in Art, just this year a selection is as rotten as possible in this category
If Cyberpunk picks up the best support, then I will specifically blaze like that, because albeit good, but one DLC in three years is not good support.
Well, looking at the expected games for 24 years, the sad woman attacks, but then you recall the release of the remake of 3 people, the suicide squad (at least look at whether it is curious at whether it was degraded or not Rocksteady over the years), a possible release of Dragon Age and somehow more positive You start looking at things.

a person? seriously? Another anime game? Well, after all, we are so few cartoon games. After all, the fucking Zelda and Genshin have not yet lifted anyone at all!

In fact, this presentation is very important.

Why? Because it will fix it once and for all for TGA who they are.

And who are they? Depends on what game will receive the reward.

Look, if the reward receives a spider or BG3, then TGA is another level of level "Oscars" T.e. Speed ​​in the past, but in modern times it is nothing more than a tool for spreading the agenda because it gives a reward for the agenda, and not for the quality of the product. They even have their own there. And everyone knows that BG3 is the most agenda game for many years, just Ultra Soya. The spider is also a leal, but compared to BG3 fades of course

If the award is given to Zelda, then this TGA is in the power of nintedo-sectants once they decided to issue a reward for a mediocre DLC for a mediocre game. Agusha-gaming in all its glory. Bim-bum-wuhuu the guy of my wife gave me a new haze.

If the award is given to Alan Vake, then the guys are non -conformers. I do not condemn and understand.

For a good one of this list, RE4 is the only game that can be more or less called the game. Despite the fact that the remake is inferior to the original, despite the fact that it is also an agenda and censored for the sake of twitter warriors, but it is still at least a game.

In short, we observe Lee TGA how "Oscar" or not.

My bet is yes, they will disgraced the whole world and present the BG3 reward for the number of the agenda.